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Difference between PHP and C

PHP and C

Most of the programs that are used today will rely in part either to the use of the C block of programming languages or the use of the PHP programming languages. These will mainly be seen when in reference to programs that operate online such as the build of websites and additional functionalities of these sites. There are some similarities and differences in the use of the two languages and it is these variations that are discussed in this article.  

Among some of the similarities that are seen between C and PHP is that the Syntax is more or less the same for the two. Termination of statements of code is done using semicolon as function calls also use similar structure. The block statements that are given in both C and PHP are also similar. The two also use the same operators such as for assignment, Boolean, arithmetic and comparison operators. What operators that are used in C are the same operators that are used in PHP.

When it comes to the control structures, it is important to note that this is also a point of similarity as  structures such as switch, if, while fro do the same work  for the two languages and no variation is shown.  The only thing that needs to be mentioned here is that PHP can make use of strings as case identifiers. The function names that are used are also similar, as these are identical to each other and draw reference to the same things.

When it comes to the differences, one of the main factors seen is the types that are employed between each other. PHP employs only two numerical types. These are integer and double. On the other hand Strings used come with an arbitrary length and there is no specific separate character type.

There is a huge difference that is noted when it comes to the use of arrays as the one used in PHP is somewhat similar to the syntax that is used in C. Implementation of the C syntax is totally different to that that is used in C. Associative arrays or even hashes are employed, making the index used to be either a number or a string.  These need not be allocated or even declared in advance.

When it comes to the structure type, none is preferred in PHP as there is array and object types already. This is in contrast to C where a structure type is quite important. In PHP, the elements that are there for array therefore need not be that they follow a consistent type.

It is also important to note that PHP does not allow for pointers within its structure whereas they are present in C. Typeless variables that are integrated within PHP are what function in similar manner to pointers. In PHP, there is no requirement that functions ought to be declared prior to implementation as in C. This is provided there is a function definition that is available in the current code or in the included file.

General permissiveness of the program has PHP to be more lenient as opposed to C whereby the system is very rigid. C does not let any mistakes get into the environment and can be frustrating in the development process when looking for bugs. PHP is more forgiving with new mistakes.



Bothe PHP and C use similar syntax and control structures

PHP is more forgiving on mistakes than C

PHP has two numerical types as opposed to C

PHP does not employ pointers as in C. Typeless variable function in similar manner to pointers

Array syntax differs in PHP and C

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