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If you’re a manager, supervisor or team leader in a business organization, there is a need for you to learn about OD, or Organizational Development. Under this, there is a term known as Process Improvement, which involves a series of actions to identify, analyze and improve a particular business process. Naturally, the goal of all these is to allow an organization to meet new and current goals, and its objectives.

Along with your goal to improve a business’ processes, there are additional things that you need to learn about ‘“ which include PPK and CCK.

First, let’s have a look at what PPK is about. Also called Process Performance Index, this is basically the estimated value of the capability of a business process during its initial setup. PPK occurs prior to the stage where it undergoes statistical control.

CCK, on the other hand, refers to Process Capability Index, or Ratio. As the name implies, it is the statistical measure of process capability which defines the ability of a process to produce an output according to specified limits.

If you’re in the upper management of a business organization, it would also help if you are familiar with how and when to use these two units. CCK is best used for short-term applications, while PPK is best used for long-term applications.

If your goal is to learn how a particular process variation will affect your business’ ability to meet your client’s or customer’s requirements, then CCK is what you should use. PPK, on the other hand, is best used if you simply want to learn how much variation a process exhibits.

Moreover, CCK indicates what a particular business process is able to do in the future, while PPK indicates how the same process has performed in the past. When you reach the point of statistical control, you will see that these two values become almost the same ‘“ but when there is a wide margin, it means that the business processes you have are out of control.


1. PPK is the estimated value of the capability of a business process during its initial setup, while CCK is the process capability index or ratio.

2. PPK is best used for long-term applications, while CCK is best used for short-term applications.

3. PPK indicates how a business process has performed in the past, while CCK indicates what a business process is able to do in the future.

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