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Difference Between Climatic and Climactic

Many words are commonly confused for another, despite the fact that they have no correlation to each other. An example of these words is climatic and climactic. Although they may sound similar or almost similar, they may have totally different meanings.


What is Climatic?

The word climatic is generally used when referring to the weather conditions of a given location for a long period of time. Climatic conditions are determined by changes in precipitation, humidity, wind, temperature and atmospheric pressure. Climatic conditions may be affected by terrain, altitude, the presence of water bodies, latitude and the water bodies’ currents. These conditions largely affect human, wildlife and even aquatic life.

Human activities have in a great way affected climatic conditions, and have even resulted in environmental degradation. Emphasis should, therefore, be put on environmental conservation measures.


What is Climactic?

Climactic is a word derived from the climax. It refers to the most intense part in a situation or activity such as play, movie or a song.


Differences between Climatic and Climactic

Definition Climatic vs. Climactic

Climatic refers to the weather conditions of a given location for a long period of time, and is determined by changes in precipitation, humidity, wind, temperature and atmospheric pressure. On the other hand, climactic refers to the most intense or exciting part of a situation or activity.

Usage of Climatic and Climactic

Climatic is used in reference to weather conditions. On the other hand, climactic is used in reference to the most intense parts activities or situations.

Climatic vs. Climactic: Comparison Table


Summary of Climatic vs. Climactic

Both have different meanings. While climatic refers to weather conditions, climactic refers to the most intense part of a situation or activity such as a song, play or a movie.


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