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Difference Between the North and the South during the Civil war

North vs South during the Civil war

The North and the South increasingly grew different during the first part of the 1800s, eventually culminating into a war that started around 1861. While Northern cities became centers of wealth and manufacturing and attracted skilled workers, it wasn’t the case in the South. Farming was the major activity of the South and people earned from plantation crops including tobacco, sugarcane, rice and cotton the produce of which was mainly exported to Europe. However, much of the work on the plantations was done by slaves.

A lot has been written about the exact cause of the American civil war and the differences that existed between the North and the South prior to, during and after the war. The general consensus is that slavery was responsible for the war, where the North fought to end the practice while the South fought to maintain it because it benefited economically from it. Another angle of argument puts the cause on the disintegration of the democratic political process. The sectional variances had been contained by the two-party union of the Whigs and the Democrats but the 1850’s political crises didn’t spare the union.

There was a political realignment that fueled competition between the Republican Party (North) and the Democratic party of the South, which replaced the one between the Whigs and democrats. This reorganization was a huge factor in the disintegration of the union. Voters of the old parties had lost faith in them as they deemed that they had become very much’ alike’. However, the resulting parties of Republican and Democrats became so sectionalized that the North and South became too polarized to take part in the same party system.

Since the North was much more industrialized, it was therefore more densely populated than the South which was largely rural. The North favored a government that yielded more power than individual states but the South didn’t agree to that notion, preferring more powerful states to a weaker national government.

Although the North seemed more powerful and resourceful in terms of volunteers, supplies and money, it didn’t translate into a clear-cut advantage during the war. Neither the North nor South was prepared for what the war would bring. However, the North managed to assemble more men during the war, while the South constantly suffered from a lack of resources.

1.The North was anti- slavery while the South was pro-slavery during and before the war.
2. The North was more densely populated than the rural South.
3. The North had more resources in terms of money, men and supplies than the South.
4. In terms of political parties, the North was predominantly Republican while the South was Democrat.

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  1. Slavery was not the main cause of the war. It was over tarrifs. The South was not fighting for slavery, but for independence . The north was not fighting to end slavery, but to preserve the Union.

  2. At first it was about preserving the union but after Gettysburg when Lincoln made his famous Gettysburg address it turn