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Two important forms of government to understand are the democracy and the republic.  A democratic government is based around the ideals that, every citizen is guaranteed the same rights under the law.  Democracies are run using the majority opinion of its citizens and what they feel is right for the government to do. There are no superior citizens, no hierarchical systems, and women are considered equals.  A republic is formed around the idea that there should be no monarch and that all citizens should have a part in choosing the leaders of their government.  The republic is centered on the people electing someone who can represent their best interests.

The term, republic, was derived from scholar Machiavelli. He believed that there could only be a government by the people or by a king’s rule.  Since that time the word republic has been used to define most governments who afford their citizens equal rights and are not under a monarch.  The idea of a democracy has been around for much longer, dating back to the times of Plato.  Plato believed that a democracy could thrive if the governed ran the government.

There are various forms of a democratic government: representative democracy, constitutional democracy, liberal democracy, etc.  Each one is centered on the original ideals of a democracy, however incorporating additional government stipulations.  Throughout history, there have also been many forms of republic governments, including liberal and socialist republics.  A republic typically follows a constitution, in order to ensure that the elected official to lead the government does not upset the rights which citizens have been given for equality.  The democratic government permits its citizens to vote for the individuals who they trust and they feel will value citizen’s rights and opinions.

The United States has taken the main points of a democracy and republic to create a government in which the people are responsible for electing government officials and all citizens are equal underneath the constitution.  Today, candidates for government election are separated into two different categories, democrats and republicans.  Each one has taken the original ideas behind that particular form of government and applied it to the way a country should run.  Democrats often think of the federal government as a whole in making decisions, whereas a republican believes the people will make the government strong.

While there are many forms of government which can be considered a democracy and a republic, those governments must incorporate the true values behind them in order to be called a republican or democratic state.


  1. A democracy is equality for all citizens and a republic allows citizens to choose their leaders.
  2. Democracy has been a government form since ancient Greece.  Republic ideas have been around since the times of the Renaissance.
  3. There are many subcategories of both democracy and a republic.
  4. The United States has incorporated principles from both forms of government.  Candidates for government officials are divided into democrats and republicans based on which ideals they believe.

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  1. A Democracy is fairly easy to define once we make a mental note of an important distinction between two very different ways the term democracy is used in popular discourse. One is the nebulous populist conception of democracy as a “popular-type” of government (how someone like Paris Hilton would define it “democracy you know… like the government that… like… does what the people want”) and of a more precise intellectually honest notion – Democracy as a systematic exercise of power by, or in faithful accordance with, the wishes of the largest number of people in a polity, i.e., Majority Unlimited. Call it Systematic Majoritarianism.

    A Republic, on the other hand, is basically a polity in which the political power that is exercised is somehow limited. In most modern republics, the basis of such a limitation is usually a rational-legal charter known as the Constitution.Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay, three of the founding fathers of the United States of America, argued in the ‘Federalist Papers’ that to achieve a genuine structural limitation of power while preserving the functional effectiveness of a republican polity the doctrine of ‘Separation of Powers’ and ‘Universal Inalienable Rights’ is indispensable… both practically and as a matter of principle, i.e. Majority Limited

    you can see the full detailed article on my blog – http://cerebralfrenzy.blogspot.com/2011/09/essential-differences-between-democracy.html

  2. The United States of America is a constitutional republic with laws and not a democracy with mob rule or majority rule . Under the US Constitution an individual’s rights are protected . Were as in a democracy an individual’s rights are determine by the majority . We The People are a free and constitutional republic .

  3. Republic is a way to create workforce for the capitalist industries, and using the people to form contract for the union the centre gov. Has more power than federal democrats. Creating a divide of people having a interest in legal and promoting racism taking taxes uqually and spending on certain social groups called minority, certain countries like… has spent money on specific religion in its budget like islam in the year 2014 on the other side it says it a secular country. Long term effects are high population, poverty and scarcity of natural resources and creating disturbance in whole territory, less climate protection and violtion of gross human rights. A very risky form of government enslaving citizens.

  4. Your ideas are the problem. Writing crap as if you know, your definitions fool many that have come here to look for truth and you pass on a cancer. Cheers, with non-americans such as yourself passing themselves off as the intelligent. We are in trouble. I know this maybe hard for you to grasp, but political ideas and policy work in reverse. People that have critical thinking understand this, Ill give you an example. When the rights of the individual are protected which is what The Republic stands for….you end up protecting the rights of the masses. Democracy is the opposite protecting the masses, this destroys the individual and in turn that destroys the masses shortly after. Democracy has always failed. If people like the whom wrote this article keep spreading their misguided understanding of how things work and do not promote critical thinking….. Well look whats happening…nuf said, wake up people! Question everything and be free or question nothing and be told you are free….

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