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car_gt_pdThe GT vs. the SE

There are a few differences between these two car models, and all you have to do is decide which features you want. The choice is yours to make, and the differences, although subtle, may be what lures you to one or the other. The best selection for you really boils down to preference. Nevertheless, to find out more about both car models, continue to read.

One of the main issues is horse power. The GT has a more powerful, 175 hp, as opposed to the Se, which has only 170hp. The gear ratio can be seen as a subtle difference, with the fuel shut off from the SE at 112mph, and the GT at 125mph.

The braking systems of the two models have some differences as well. The GT will give you a tighter ride than the SE, and the reason for this is its tighter struts and thick sway bars. The SE was only offered as a sedan until 2002, and the GT was offered as a coupe only until 2004.

The typical ribbed cladding was also a notable feature of the SE up until 2003, while the GE had the option of a spoiler. Although their bodies are somewhat similar, there are some faint differences, such as the chromed window trims of the SE compared to the black window trims on the GT.

With the SE model, the mirrors are black, whereas the GT mirrors usually match the color of the body. The exhaust on the SE is a single exhaust, whereas the GT offers a dual exhaust. So, as you can see, there are some, although not a large amount, of differences between the two car models.

To summarize the differences between the two famous cars:

1. The main difference between these two models is the hp offered. The GT will easily get you 175hp A4, and several engine ops. For the SE, the best you’re going to get is 170hp A4 out of the 3400 V6 engine.

2. The suspension and brakes have a noticeable difference – with the loose struts on the SE compared to the tight struts of the GT.

3. The SE also offers rear drum brakes, while the GT has rear disk brakes.

4. The SE has smaller sway bars when compared to the thicker sway bars of the GT.

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