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Difference Between Honda and Acura

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Comparing Honda and Acura is like differentiating between a mother and her child. They are two different entities, but one is the original, and the other simply branched out from the first. Both have the same roots, but they have different functions and scope. This is how Honda and Acura operate.

Acura is just one of the branches, or divisions, of Honda. It is the branch that specializes in the luxury line of Honda cars. It boasts of being the pioneer to break into the foreign market of luxury cars. Acura was responsible for changing the perception of Japanese autos from being the economical type, into the luxury brand. This division was founded sometime in 1986, in Tokyo, Japan. In the same year, it debuted in North America, and its entry proved to be a successful move for the company.

Even though it is a Honda division, the term Acura has become a brand in itself. This luxury car brand was launched in Mexico and China during the years 2004 and 2006 respectively. Because it was originally launched in the foreign market, Honda now has plans to relaunch the said luxury brand in its own domestic territory this year. As an auto company, Acura has also been involved in American racing since its debut in the foreign luxury market.

Acura has a fairly new timeline. Early on, it was really a booming industry, as it went head to head, and won against some of the toughest competitors, like Lexus from Toyota and Infiniti from Nissan. However, Acura has nowadays been criticized for being lost in its track. The effect of such is evident in its sales for the past several years, where it has not performed that well as opposed to the recent juggernauts like Mercedes, specifically in the US market.

Conversely, Honda, whose full name is the Honda Motor Company Limited, is a multinational Corp in Japan. Its products range from motorcycles, garden instruments and generators to cars. Unlike its Acura division, Honda, as a whole, also ventures in Space technology, and has become the leader in the production and sale of internal combustion engines. It even took part in robotics by producing ASIMO, the man-like robot. It is currently the sixth biggest automaker in the world. It is the undisputed king of the motorcycle in the world today. Hondar grabbed the crown as the motorcycle king as early as 1964.

In summary:

1. Honda is the parent company, while Acura is the child company.

2. Honda is a corporation (a bigger organization) than Acura, which is only a smaller division.

3. Honda deals with many technologies like combustion engines, generators, robotics, space technology, and motorcycles, among others, while Acura only deals with luxury cars.

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