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Difference Between iPhone 4 and Droid Incredible

iPhone 4 vs Droid Incredible

The iPhone 4 and the Droid Incredible are smartphones that cater to the same market. Both devices have very competent multimedia capabilities that make them very attractive to the younger users. Probably the most significant difference between the two is the OS that they run. The iPhone uses the iOS of Apple, which is also the same operating system used by the iPad and some iPods. On the other hand, the Droid Incredible runs on Google’s Android; the newest operating system on the smartphone block. Understandably, the Droid Incredible has fewer applications compared to the increasingly huge library of applications for the iPhone 4.

In terms of usability, the iPhone 4 and Droid Incredible are not actually compatible. Currently the iPhone 4 is only available for GSM compatible networks while the Droid Incredible is only available under CDMA compatible networks. If you are a world traveller, you may prefer to get the iPhone 4 as GSM is used in most parts of the world outside of the US.

When it comes to the hardware, you would be quick to notice the rather solid built of the iPhone. Rather than the usual plastic materials, like that used on the Droid Incredible, the iPhone 4 utilizes a mixture of glass and metal; making it very solid to the touch. The metal on the exterior of the iPhone acts as its antenna. The same has come under fire due to losing signal strength when held in a certain way. The Droid Incredible does not exhibit the same problem as its antenna is located inside its case.

Another thing that is good to point out is the superior camera on the Droid Incredible. Its sensor can take up to 8 megapixel images while that of the iPhone 4 can only take up to 5 megapixel images.

1. The iPhone 4 runs the iOS while the Droid Incredible runs on the Google Android
2. The iPhone 4 has more apps right now compared to the Droid Incredible
3. The iPhone works on GSM networks while the Droid Incredible works with CDMA
4. The iPhone’s exterior is made out of glass and steel while that of the Droid Incredible is made out of plastic
5. The iPhone 4 has some signal issues that the Droid Incredible doesn’t have
6. The Droid Incredible has a better camera than the iPhone 4

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