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Difference Between iPhone and iPhone Clone

iPhone vs iPhone Clone

It’s true, imitation is indeed the best form of flattery.

The fact that the iPhone is the most imitated smartphone in the market simply speaks of its popularity and recognition.

There are actually countless of iPhone knock offs or, should we say, clones. Of course, they can never truly and completely copy Apple’s flagship product. Many of them actually fall short in various aspects and many of these iPhone clones, also called “iClones”, are found to be buggy.

Suffering from any form of bug, either software or hardware, is a common iPhone clone drawback.

Needless to say, these clones are less expensive. Other units may even come incredibly cheap that it’s almost too good to be true until one buys and uses it. iPhone clones usually copy the touchscreen interface, the general sleek design, and some basic applications ‘“ usually, the things that made the iPhone innovative and iconic. Yet, there are also many features or applications being left out some of which are essential for particular users.

Typically, clones that are less than $150 do not include Java, a feature needed to allow users to install other applications.

More often than not, iPhone clones are made by Chinese manufacturing companies. Some clones are legitimate and many users are satisfied with the feature-to-price ratio. Some swear that this gives one more bang for his buck since the real iPhone will cost significantly more. Some may say that one is only paying too much for the brand name or one is paying too much for features that one will not use.

One might ask, what exactly made these devices cheaper. Obviously, it uses the same technology but the difference in price is too tempting. Is it really worth it?

Great as they may appear, iPhone clones are made of materials that have less quality, either in durability or staying power. Secondly, these iPhone clones are not subjected to strict quality control checks. With the original, one gets the assurance of quality control and superior material quality. Perhaps, this is the “brand name” that consumers are paying for.

To put things briefly, buying iPhone clones is considered a risk. One may get excellent durable ones but there is also a big chance that one ends up with a buggy flimsy unit.


1. iPhones are manufactured by Apple while clones are made by various manufacturers.

2. iPhone clones are usually buggy and normally are made of materials with lesser quality.

3. iPhone clones are significantly cheaper than the real iPhone.

4. iPhone clones lack some of the features and applications that the real ones can provide.

5.Unlike the original ones, iPhone clones are not subjected to strict quality control procedures.

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