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Difference Between DNA and RNA Viruses

virusDNA vs RNA Viruses

Viruses are communicable agents that cannot replicate without the presence of the host cell. Penetrating the host cell, reproducing and staying away from the defense system of the body are the main survival points of viruses.

DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid is the major storage for genetic codes that contains information for the functioning and advancement of all living organisms. It is found in the nucleus. The sugar present in DNA is deoxyribose and usually it comes with a pair of molecules known as double-stranded molecules with long nucleotide chains. This double-stranded molecule have narrow channel that makes destructive enzymes difficult to penetrate.

In DNA viruses, integration of viral DNA is the same as how host originally would combine DNA. The virus will instill the genetic code specifically to the membrane of the host DNA then with the help of RNA polymerase duplication happens. Replication usually happens in the nucleus. With the formation of the viruses done during lytic phase, the host cell membrane separates and the new viruses were released. Mutation level in DNA is lower because DNA polymerase is having refining activity. They are compelling intracellular parasites and they heartlessly connects with changes taking place in the host. The specificity of the DNA viruses are often concluded at the transcriptional level. These types of viruses are constant thatís why vaccines work effectively throughout the years.

RNA or ribonucleic acid is a nucleic polymer acid that performs a significant role in translating the genetic code from the DNA to protein products. It is found in the nucleus and cytoplasm. It is usually a single- stranded molecule with shorter nucleotide chains. The sugar present is ribose. Several RNA viruses instill the RNA to the host cell and skip the DNA host for duplication and decoding. DNA here acts as a pattern for RNA virus then transcribes it into viral proteins. Some RNA viruses embed transcriptase enzyme that transfer RNA virus to DNA virus and combine into the host DNA. Then it follows the DNA replication process. Replication usually happens in the cytoplasm. Mutation is the major cause of changes in the genetic code of the viruses. In RNA mutation is higher because RNA. polymerase is likely to commit errors. They are unstable and replace the protein coat that can bluff the immune system.


1. DNA viruses are mostly double-stranded while RNA viruses are single-stranded.

2. RNA mutation rate is higher than DNA mutation rate.

3. DNA replication takes place in the nucleus while RNA replication takes place in the cytoplasm.

4. DNA viruses are stable while RNA viruses are unstable.

5. In DNA viruses, viral genetic code is injected in the host DNA for duplication and decoding. RNA viruses skip DNA for duplication and decoding.

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  1. it’s an interestin article.which of d viruses is more difficult 2manage-dna or rna

  2. The fact that DNA viruses stay in the body for life and mutate slowly would mean vaccines don’t work. I see this backwards logic that’s written here so many times now. If the only thing providing immunity is the fact that the virus is still in the body for life prompting the immune system to keep it in check and produce antibodies, then injecting a cocktail of adjuvants and a DEAD virus isn’t going to provide long term immunity. That’s why vaccine studies never check antibody levels more than a month or two after the injection, because after that no protection is still provided by the vaccine (if there ever was) and it would render their sales potential useless.

  3. it’s really helpful for me

  4. Why are dna viruses more stable than rna vireses??

    • Because Rna virus skips dna for duplication and decoding?
      Maybe it is also because it has shorter nucleotide chain and only single stranded. So that they simply don’t have the needed pattern information transcription that dna has to be stable enough compared to dna virus?

    • As DNA doesnot have [o2] in position |2| in suger stracture this makes it more stable so it is called [Deoxy R. N]

  5. Great

  6. This panic over the Coronavirus in many ways is reminiscent of HG Wells War of the Worlds broadcast. The panic in the United States during this radio broadcast was unprecedented, much like the Panic induced by the Coronavirus which is not the black death that hit Europe back in the medieval days. We will not see half of the population died from this it is not a shifting antigen virus like in Stephen King’s The Stand. Let’s panic more living.

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