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  1. Leonard
    June 17, 2016

    Hello could u tell me the best treatment for uti and maxim period to recover,thanks


    • Jamie
      June 28, 2017

      I have had a UTI infection for the last 5 days I’ve been drinking cranberry juice and water and that’s all I’ve been taking antibiotics I have no discharge could you tell me how long it’s infection usually last


      • Dr. Jones
        December 14, 2017

        Invest a daily regiment of cranberry pills – much more potent and effective than diluted cranberry juice. Also maintains vaginal and genital health long term keeping bacteria clear.


  2. Kristin
    May 2, 2018

    I was recently treated at the ER for what I thought was a UTI.. I had the sensation of always needing to urinate but it wasn’t progressing like UTIs I’ve had in the past. And this time I was passing air through my urethra.. which freaked me out. I’ve taken antibiotics for a week now and the symptoms are better but not gone.
    There’s also been a decent amount of discomfort when trying to have intercourse.
    I’m starting to think it may be something else…STD? Kidney stones?


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