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Ephedrine vs Pseudoephedrine

Pharmaceutical products are known for their presence in the treatment modalities in western and in modern medicine. It is important to know what the uses of each classification are and how each drug within the classifications differs from each another.

There are a great number of stimulants available in the market today. In fact, the coffee that we drink, and the soda that we take as part of our day to day meals are all classified under stimulants. To understand what a stimulant is, it would be easier to understand that these substances are called stimulants since they give you an alert feeling. In medical terms, this is called sympathetic stimulation. In contrast to what stimulants give, the complete opposite of stimulants is downers. Drugs classified under downers are those that make you go to sleep and relax, among which are valiums and cannabis (which could also be a hallucinogenic drug).

Ephedrine and pseudoephedrine are both classified under stimulants. Both drugs have the capacity to mimic partially what endogenous adrenaline could give to the body. Though classified under one category of drug, there are striking differences from chemical compositions to how both of these drugs are used in the medical field.

Both these drugs are similiar because of the fact that they really don’t carry the whole package of what adrenaline is offering, thus the classification of symphatomimetics. These drugs can only mimic to an extent, what adrenaline can do to the body, and both ephedrine and pseudoepehedrine aren’t good brain stimulants. Though both drugs are also used in order to create methamphetamines, Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine are different in terms of chemical formation. Both of these drugs are stereoisomers of each other, which means that the hydroxyl part of its chemical formation is differently placed.

Ephedrine is the drug used to counteract the effects of anesthesia. Because of the fact that it has the positive effect of raising the blood pressure of the patient, it is given during instances of orthostatic hypotension. Ephedrine could be a good vasoconstrictor (peripherally), however, because of its sympathetic reaction; it opens up the nasal passages. This is the reason why sometimes it also alleviates runny nose and colds, though this isn’t typically given because it could cause a tremendous increase in the blood pressure and also in the heart rate.

On the other hand, the main function of Pseudoephedrine is to be used in giving relief in nasal congestion during episodes of colds. With its lesser effect in the peripheral blood vessels, it is comfortably associated with the drugs taken during nasal congestion unlike that of Ephedrine.

  1. Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine are both classified under stimulants that mimic what adrenaline does to the body.
  2. Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine are both precursors of methamphetamine.
  3. Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine differ in chemical structure found in its hydroxyl branch. One is a cis and one is trans.
  4. Ephedrine is typically used to counteract orthostatic hypotension while pseudoephedrine is used to decongest nasal passages. Though both have the capacity to increase the blood pressure of patients, ephedrine has a more powerful effect.

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  1. In the past I have used a stack of ephedrine caffeine and aspirin to raise my core temperature to burn body fat getting ready to compete in bodybuilding competition. I have been using bronkaid to get ephedrine because pure ephedrine is no longer available. A friend told me otc sudafed has ephedrine in it. The bronkaid has ephedrine sulfate and the sudafed is pseudoephedrine. Is there a difference? Will either work to raise the core temperature in the body to accelerate fat loss in moderation of course? Thank you

    • I am stunned no one has answered you! Or should I say lectured you! What you are doing is so beyond dangerous, I am still unable to lift my lower jaw from the floor!
      Forget that garbage about core heat, what you are really doing is jacking up your blood pressure while inhibiting blood clotting. In theory, you are trying to negate the chance of stroke due to clotting, but you are now increasing your odds of stroke due to bleeding. My God, man, this is insane! If you are still doing this, stop. Stop completely, stop immediately, STOP!!!!

      • You notice how he did not reply? When I read his request for information, I had the exact same reaction that you did, and I believe his ultimate disposition has been garnered. The people who think this is a good idea are the same that stand in front of floor-to-ceiling mirrors flexing their muscles to Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger”. The gene pool, and therefore the future of humanity, are both enhanced by their absence of contribution. I know this sounds callous, but I have lived with MMA fighters, and they were – each and every one – HGH consumers and womanizers. I cannot afford to add up what they are made of as their societal value is problematic, at best. Spending any time around them at all will reduce your will to live.

        • Ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin is a pretty common fat burning stack. Yes it’s dangerous. Particularly if you have a heart issue you are unaware of or exercise while under the effects of this combination. Many know the risks and choose to do it anyway. Best advice you can offer these people, since they are likely to be stubborn is at least keep it to your non exercise days, and do not accidently increase the caffeine consumption via your diet. Extra caffeine and/or elevated heat rate increase the chance of sudden cardiac episodes quite a bit. And I do in fact know someone who dropped dead on a treadmill on an eca stack. So yes it happens. Additionally no, psuedo ephedrine is not going to work like ephedrine does. The article above actually explains why, it has less effect on the whole cv system and is more localized. To a degree.

        • You sound like a fat chick.

      • Wait you cook Molly and lecture others about their health? LMAO

      • Thanks mom, answerthe question, dont lecture.

    • Ephedrine is legal in Canada.
      A bottle of 50 8mg tablets of ephedrine HCL found in BB supplement stores etc.”Gear”for personal use is legal to posses also

    • You are an idiot!!!! Do you think? Obviously not from your post. God help you and those who take this post and use it! Sorry but you are a moron for even posting this.

  2. In the past I have used a stack of ephedrine caffeine and aspirin to raise my core temperature to burn body fat getting ready to compete in bodybuilding competition. I have been using bronkaid to get ephedrine because pure ephedrine is no longer available. A friend told me otc sudafed has ephedrine in it. The bronkaid has ephedrine sulfate and the sudafed is pseudoephedrine. Is there a difference? Will either work to raise the core temperature in the body to accelerate fat loss in moderation of course? Thank you
    Please contact me via email

    • Too bad people just chastise from their high horse instead of providing information.
      They are mirror image molecules. They have some similar effects but also some differences.

      Ephedrine gives a stronger stimulant effect, greater increase in heart rate and blood pressure. This would make it a better choice for increasing metabolism, with the already mentioned higher chance of cardiovascular side effects. Last I checked, this was still a legal otc med, used for asthma… But you’re unlikely to find it in a US store. It’s common in Germany for example.

      Pseudoephedrine has lesser stimulating properties but it’s used for nasal decongestion. Still it will also increase metabolism, heart rate and blood pressure. This is what’s in “Sudafed”, notice the word play on the chemical name. This could be taken at 60mg every x hours as noted in the instructions. Also, know both of these will prevent you from sleeping if taken in the evening.

      • Its easy enough to find pure ephedrine (if by pure you mean Ephedrine HCL) in the USA aslong as you dont live in Oregon.

        If your local CVS/Walmart pharmacy doesn’t have Primatene in stock then there’s the option of walgreen’s and buying their Generic for Primatene. Thermogenic effects are just as great!


  3. Love the way the woman and beta male aproach this suject.
    Sorry son but weeding out all of us men who are willing to take risks, fight and love women is not going to make the gene pool stronger. Not all athletes are uneducated either. I would recommend you watch a few more ted talks on evolutionary biology before you start lecturing on the topic. Darwins theory of natural selection is aptly nicknamed “survival of the fittest” for a reason. Further, rather then just stomp your dick in the dirt please allow me to educate you on something, you can thank me later young beta. (as you lean your ear in for the holey grail of secrets among men) MOST WOMEN LIKE SEX AS MUCH AS MEN, SOME EVEN MORE. They don’t want thier offspring looking small like sickly underfed miniatures of their fathers though!
    I’m only trying to help you out man. Take in in. It’ll change your life.
    Not that young mate just sold his ipad for protein money and his on his way to the Gym…
    Ma’am, you seem to bea very caring individual. I’mgruessing your a nurse, maybe a caring mother? Either way, it sounds like you are in desperate need of a good… date. So if your into fighters or bodybuilders, I don’t compete anymore but am happy sort you out. Oh and if young mate was your son your welcome, I hope I wasn’t to hard on him, it’s easy to see his father left at a young age or is at best the femanin type that sit while they urinatd, don’t worry, having me around the house once a week will help.

    • I am a older lifter taking a 3 minute break inbetween sets with a ECA stack in my system.Your reply was a lil brash but I tend to agree about fitness.I am surprised ppl think 1, 200mg caffeine tab,1,88mg aspirin+ 1,8mg.ephedrine tab will induce strokes etc.The most popular pre-workout stack for decades..Stay strong

  4. I’m shocked and my jaw is still on the floor at the idiocy of the first 2 respondents. As if big pharma wasn’t selling a crap load of meds to fix one issue or alleviate it I should say but create a butt load of more serious issues.. The only reason this drug is relegated to laws regulating its use is because big pharma doesn’t want to share any of its mega profits from more harmful psych drugs and didn’t want competetion from meth cookers. Also the second response sounds like the guy in the how wider cartoons advertising his body building methods. Whatscthe matter little skinny dude ? Some one kick sand in your face? Your a little girl.

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