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Difference Between Laptop and Notebook computer

laptopAlthough laptops and notebooks have very similar traits such as they are both portable and you can take them anywhere, there are some differences between both of them.

Let us start with notebook computers;  notebook computers are designed to allow you to do computer work while on the go and still offer all the power mobile users require for entertainment as well as work. This type of computer usually is not cheap and your top of the line notebooks can be very expensive.

Notebook computers are ultra light, which makes it easier for you to take it anywhere you want. The lesser the weight the better for you! It has 4 hours plus battery life, and it has a low profile, which means it’s thin. In addition, it doesn’t have an internal floppy disk, nor do you have the ability to utilize CDs or DVD’s. It has a minimal graphics subsystem. In addition to this, it has an integrated modem. If you require the services of the internet, that’s not a problem  as it has a network connection. It’s screen is about 12″-14″ long and it has a keyboard that is just big enough to be functional.

Now as for a laptop, the name says it all. It is a portable unit meant for you to be able to work with while resting on your lap. In comparison to the notebook, it looks quite large and has lots of power with several features.  The standard laptop should have most if not all the following features .
-Laptops usually are a little bigger than notebook computers and a little heavier than they are.
-They have an Nvidia GeForce or ATI Radeon graphics subsystem, Internal DVD-RW drive, an integrated modem, network and WI-FI capabilities
-The speakers are a integrated high quality system.
– It also has at least 2 hour plus battery life,
-The keyboard is large enough to be used conveniently.
-Laptops screens are at least 14″-17″ long.
-Also laptops are very upgradeable.

As you can see from the above information, there are many similarities as well as differences that exist between a notebook and laptop.

The design of the laptop gives you all the capabilities of a desktop computer yet remains mobile.

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  1. very informative and very complete knowledge which i want to get abt laptops and note book
    i found here at this site.
    thanks to the team of this blog for providing the complete and presice knowledge at one place.

  2. I think you are confused between a NOTEBOOK and a NETBOOK. A NOTEBOOK and a LAPTOP are the same thing. No difference in size or capabilities, only different names. A NETBOOK on the other hand has minimal features as you described above. Please remove or edit the original post as you are confusing alot of internet users. Regards, Notebook Technician

    • @Notebook Technician
      Whether or not you are actually a “notebook technician,” I do not
      completely agree with you.
      The author clearly did not misidentify “notebook” with “netbook,” as
      we can see clearly by his 12″-14″ figure. Netbooks are never larger
      than 11″ (screen-size measurement).
      While you are correct that technically speaking, there is no clear
      line between Notebook and Laptop, as they are cultural terms. There
      does however appear to be wide cultural acceptance that a “notebook”
      computer implies that it is larger than a “netbook” while not necessarily
      as large as how large laptops can get.
      To put it simply:
      What appears to be the mainstream idea is that:
      Netbook = 7″-11″
      Laptop = “notebook”, “desktop replacement”, or somewhere between:
      Notebook = 12″-14″
      Desktop Replacement = 17″-20″

      I hope this helps

      • I think notebooks and laptops are the same…. well some says notebooks only measures 12-14 inches. but how come some sony’s notebooks measures 15 +… . i’m sure its notebook cause the product states so.;

        • Notebook and laptops are the same thing, they had to change the name legally because of people burning themselves from putting them on their lap. So they no longer have LAP top in the name to prevetn people from saying welll it doooes say Laptop on the box and now look at my crispy legs, im gunna have to sue.

          • I think they are the same too. The author seems to be id’ing notebook as the ultra light and laptop as standard or desktop replacement –all are notebook/laptops.

        • Yes i agree with you i think notepad and lap top are the same now a days.

        • I also have a notebook that is 15.6 touch display and also has dvd.

      • There use to be a difference between a laptop and a notebook, and that difference was short lived as laptops became thinner with each passing year. Virtually all laptops are notebooks today.
        Long gone are the days where we had a hulking Kaypro, or big Compac, or Toshiba on our laps. Basically any portable computer you get today on a consumer level is relatively thin, light weight, has a CD/DVD drive and adequate ports.

        I won’t even waste breath on NETbooks. (shaking head)

        • @Ann

          There is nothing wrong with Netbooks.

          • You might not think there isn’t anything wrong with NETbooks, but the market disagrees with you… Especially since the single largest loss in the tech market over the last quarter has been with net books (over 45% declination); which have sharply declined in popularity over the last year plus.

      • I have a notebook with a 15.6 in. screen. although the processor in my opinion is very slow compared to that of a laptop. I must agree with the netbook technician due to the fact that have a cd/dvd drive installed as well. My notebook’s battery actually lasts for at least 8 hours because it sleeps on its on………

      • @Kinopop

        I also agree with @Notebook Technician. The author DOES confuse notebook with netbook. The notebook is the same as a laptop. Most notebooks still have a CD/DVD reader/writer. Netbooks are the ones do not have a CD/DVD because they are meant mainly for network connectivity. Screen size does not matter since either one can have a small screen but still meet HD or Full-HD resolution (or more). The term laptop is almost not used anymore. I have a pretty heavy notebook which is a workstation model, more powerful than most notebooks, but could have perfectly been called a laptop.

    • What are your comments about the below given ibook specifications.Is it worth purchasing if cost $ 145.00 to me!

      Processor Name:VIA Windows CE 6.0
      Processor Cache Memory (KB): 128M
      Front Side Bus Hard Drive: 2GB NAND Flash MLC, support USB flash disk and MMC/SD card expansion
      Processor Speed (MHz): 300 MHZ
      Inbuilt Hard Disk Drive Capacity (GB): 2GB NAND Flash MLC
      Expandable: 32 GB
      Hard Disk Capacity: 0-100 GB
      Display Screen Size (Inches): 7 inch
      Maximum Display Resolution (dpi): 800×480
      Screen Type: LCD, True color image display
      Screen Size (Inches): 6.1-8 Inch
      WiFi : YES
      Sound Card: YES
      Microphone: YES
      Speakers: Yes, Inbuilt
      Express Card: YES
      Serial Port : YES
      USB Port: yes,3Port
      Operating System: Windows CE 6.0
      Type of Mouse: Touch Pad
      Width (mm): 212 mm
      Depth (mm): 142 mm
      Height (mm): 33 mm
      Weight (Kgs): 700 gms
      Weight Range (Kgs): 0.1-1 Kg
      Battery (Type): LI-Ion -1300mAh
      Battery Life (Hours): 2-3 Hours
      Colour Options: Black
      Warranty Period (Years): 6 Months

    • I too think you are wrong. We use the terms interchangeably does not justify them. Laptops are obsolete. They did not stay long in the industry. If you can conveniently hold your system on one hand and operate with a different hand, then it is NOT a laptop. Laptops cannot be held with one hand.

      • Sweetie…. Laptops are still being sold today, but they are much thinner than they use to be so we call them notebooks in industry and in practice. A notebook computer *is* a laptop. 🙂

        • @ann wats the real name fo a note book computer coz i was send a laptop from the uk and the brand name is notebook.i haven’t seen any brand name lyk dat am really confuse coz the media player is not playin and av seach everywhere for the type of this product but i couldnt find it.i will be grateful if u can help me and this my mail id.habeebaig@yahoo.cor.thanks

      • OMG!!!!! NOTEBOOKS AND LAPTOPS ARE THE SAME thing!!!!!!! they changed the name to discourage people sitting then on there laps and burning there legs when they overheat. (often you cover up fan vents aswell so they recommend having them on “A hard surface”)

        netbooks tend to be cut down versions of notebooks (and laptops!) they usually feature an atom processor or similar and rarely have more than a GB or two of RAM. they are meant to be purely used for web browsing e-mail etc.
        think of netbooks as INTERNET books and you might be on the right path, basically cut down laptops for people who only want to send e-mails and check whats on TV tonight.


        • Laptops and Notebooks are 2 completely different things,the OP has the correct info..you cannot play graphic heavy games or programs on a notebook because the GPU is not meant to be able too,Notebooks are for on the fly work for mainly college students,as to where Laptops are small pocket pcs with a lot more power than Notebooks…if you still arent a believer then just look at the specs of each!!

    • You all are talkin junk

    • Lol, good one. I was just thinking that too. All it is, is the name difference. I’m not an expert but one thing I know is that the notebook and a laptop works just the same other than the netbook. I agree with you.

    • This article confused me greatly. I was shopping for a laptop. Notebooks do have dvd and cd access. I bought on. It has a 17 screen.I found this article very misleading.

    • If you re-read their article, it is so old it mentions floppy disks and no CD or DVD on the notebooks.

      That article should be tossed out as it is ancient.

      Tech people started calling laptop computers, “Notebook” computers in order to discourage people from putting them in their laps after discovering that the heat produced kills sperm cells.

      Current comparisons should be Notebook vs. Netbook.

    • Please is notebook computer a computer or is a mobile phone

  3. above mentioned definition is a industries conventions , thank you for good explanation this difference

  4. This is one of the worst explainations I have ever seen. Laptops and notebooks are the same and depending on what model you get little to none of what this jackwagon has said is true.

  5. Actually this comparison is more accurate of laptops vs desktop replacements. Laptop/notebooks are one and the same. Desktop replacement laptops are just laptops in the 16″+ category with specs that are comparable to desktops computers.

  6. Would someone please tell me if a Notebook uses a modem? Also, if used at home, can you plug it in to make the battery life longer?
    Can you do email with it?
    I’m asking for a friend, her Lap Top died, and she can’t afford a new one.
    One more thing, can you install an Antivirus? I know nothing about a Note Book, I told her that I would try to find out.
    Thank you for any infomation!

    • Dear Lin

      Everything you can do with a desktop computer, you can do with a laptop or notebook computer. All of them have the same types of port and connections for peripheral devices, although a desktop computer usually (but not always) has more. Everything your friend would want to do with a desktop, she or he can do with a notebook computer, except for processing heavy duty professional graphics, and other things along that line.

      It might help if you and your friend look at various magazines and computer sales online so you can get an idea of how various computers compare to each other.

      For emaling and surfing the internet (like I’m doing now) I don’t even use my desktop or notebooks any more- I just use the iPad. Quicker for me to get mail, and I can check mail while I’m walking from the Kitchen to the bathroom, etc. . something I can’t do with an actual computer! 🙂

      You don’t have to buy an iPad, but I HIGHLY encourage you and your friend to at least check out what tablets (slates) have to offer.

      I hope that helps

  7. I think notebooks and laptops are the same,because notebook and laptop have same use founction,and also carry easy.also like famous computer manufacturers manufacture both of them. just my opinion.

  8. There’s no difference between the two.

    I just bought a HP notebook.

    17.5″ screen, advanced HD graphics, 7 pounds heavy, burns this and that, and is entertainment focused. Pretty much everything the author here says a notebook is not.

  9. Hi All, as per me both are same. The earlier released products were used to called LAPTOP –the terms states that this can be used on LAP but the latest products are of high configuration due to performance demand. As these products are producing lot of heat it cannot be used on LAP. These latest products are not recommeded or advised to used on LAP so the term LAPTOP has been stopped and its called NOTEBOOK .

  10. I heard that Notebooks are not reliable for multi tasking, and it heats up pretty quickly if you put over load to it, is this true? and how good a notebook is for gaming? I dont think it is for gaming anyway. And what could be the differences in price between a laptop and a notebook?

    • Ok Everyone listen up…

      If you’re NOT an engineer, don’t work with special military or special operations computer equipment that requires a laptop computer (larger, bulkier than a notebook and these days are basically reserved for special use), then as far as YOU’RE concerned a notebook computer and a laptop computer are the same thing.

      A “notebook” computer is nothing more than a super slim, lightweight laptop.

      Any computer that is designed for you to intentionally use it while it sits on your lap is a “Laptop” computer. As time went by, Laptops became smaller and lighter and are called “notebooks”. A notebook is nothing more than a type of laptop. That’s it. There’s nothing else to it. Most geeks working at the computer store weren’t even born when a lot of us were using laptops! 🙂

      1. Today, laptops that are available for consumers to buy are called “notebooks”.

      2. Notebooks (in general) are horrible for serious gaming (they have puny graphic cards and slower processors) and are substandard for professional photo processing where color has to be very accurate (because although you can calibrate the screen, the contrast is almost always in question because you can vary the viewing angle so much just by moving the screen. You can move the screen on an iMac too, however the viewing angle must be radical before it affects your interpretation of color.

      3. Notebooks will overheat before other computers because everything is stuffed into a small space and heat is trapped inside despite fans, etc. Please realize that ANY computer can over heat if enough load is placed on it (the computer will usually just cut off on its own if it gets too hot).
      *Put a small fan next to your computer blowing under it, and it will increase the performance of your notebook.

      4. Price difference between a laptop and a notebook? That’s like asking the price difference between a car, and a car. All notebooks ARE laptops… but not all laptops are notebooks.

      Think of it this way: All sports cars are cars! … but not all cars are sports cars. 🙂

      All boys are males… but all males are not boys.
      All girls are female… but all females are not girls.

      See what I mean? All notebook computers ARE laptops. But NOT all laptops are light weight, slender, consumer style notebook computers which usually cost anywhere from $800 to $3,500

      Some special use laptops cost over $20,000 and are not especially lightweight, nor built for the average person to use.

      I hope that helps 🙂

  11. Laptops, Notebooks, Netbooks, all the same. Just mumbo jumbo created by the marketing department.

  12. Net books are not notebooks, neither are all laptops. (sigh)

  13. Hi! I went to a vodacom-shop 4 months ago to get a laptop bundle. The sales-lady told me they have a nice NOTEBOOK deal on promotion. So I ask, whats the difference? The salesmen next to her say, no differrence, so they began argument. So if the sales people does’nt know what they’r selling make wonder if they really know the difference between a cellphone and phonebooth. Thanks for the above info.

    • Think about what you just said for a moment. Do you really expect a sales person to know what they’re talking about? Would you expect a car salesman to know about engineering specifics on any of the cars he’s selling? Nope, of course not 🙂

      Would you expect an aeronautical Engineer to know the ins and outs of actually piloting the aircraft that she designed? Of course not, that’s what test pilots are for right?

      Pose any serious computer question to the so-called Best Buy “Geek Squad” (United States) and you’ll quickly find out that *most* of the “Geek Squad” don’t know much about computers at all past the basic stuff.

      You have an advantage over most people because you now why most LAPTOP computers today are called NOTEBOOKS.

      Trying to compare a laptop and a notebook computer is like trying to compare the difference between a car, and a vehicle! Are ALL cars vehicles? Yes. Are all vehicles cars? No.

      Are all notebooks laptops? Yes. Are all laptops notebooks? NO. 🙂

  14. Hi everyone 🙂
    I agree with Ann, laptops and notebooks are practically the same to me!
    Reading all these comments made me LOL! 😛

  15. the difference between a notebook and a laptop is that a notebook doesn’t have a cover latch 😉

  16. I got to know about the difference between Laptop and a notebook with the help of the post of this blog, it is really amazing for me.

  17. Laptop and notebooks are marketing terms.

    Asus refers to all portable computers larger than netbooks as notebooks including its 17″ power house flagship product:


    Lenovo refers to its 12″ thinkpads as laptops.

    The difference between a laptop and notebook is that different companies have choosen different terms to represent them. I have seen no culture bias towards this articles opinion in the IT industry.

  18. Macbook pro +Macbook Air = Notebook PC

  19. Really nice share thank you very much wow …


  21. This reminded meof something I was watching on the television the other day.

  22. They are one and the same. The name changed from “Laptop” to “notebook” for legal reasons as early designs of laptops were so hot they couldn’t sit on laps. Therefore the companies using this type of marketing language could be potentially sued for false advertising.

    Hence, the name “notebook”.

  23. Can someone help me, I am going to Spain for a few months and don’t know which device to take with me for keeping in touch at home in the UK by skype, email etc. I am getting confused about netbooks, ipads etc. I also want something that is easy to carry with me.

  24. who cares if they are the same, get a macbook

  25. I must agree with the notebook technician for my screen is 15.6 inches. and I have a cd/dvd player installed. my battery lasts up to 8 hours due to the sleep button. the only problem with my notebook is the processor. in my opinion the notebooks are much slower than a laptop. I’m a browse fast internet kind of girl……..

  26. Not only are notebooks smaller than laptops………I believe that notebooks do not have the capability to use discs….


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