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sinhalese_buddhist_bookSinhalese vs Tamils
Mass demonstrations that have been carried out by Tamil people all around the world since January, 2009, raises the question in many, what is going on in that part of the world. Although, Sri Lankan conflict is one of the longest running conflicts in the world, it didn’t get much media attention as Palestinian struggle or Tibetan struggle got.

Many people wonder,what could possibly be a problem between two groups of people who looks alike. The one and only thing Sinhalese and Tamil have in common is the skin color. Tamils and Sinhalese are from different ethnic origins happened to live side by side in one geographic area.

Sinhalese speak an Indo-Aryan language called Sinhala. On the other hand, the language of the Tamils, Tamil, is a Dravidian language. When it comes to culinary, Tamils and Sinhalese has their own distinct variant of the common dishes. Sinhalese are predominantly Buddhists and most of the Tamils are Hindus with sizable Christian and Muslim populations..Tamils live traditionally in North and Eastern part of Sri Lanka, Sinhalese live in Southern part of the island.

The vast majority of the Sinhalese live in Sri Lanka, but a significant portion of the Tamil population live in India.

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  1. Dont published these kind of articles without knowing who are the Sinhalese /Tamils & Srilankan Moors.

    1.u cant describe Sinhalese and Tamils are same by Skin colour (Its Greeks & Finns same skin colour/ African Bantus and Papuans same colour)

    2.(Tamils and Sinhalese are from different ethnic origins happened to live side by side in one geographic area) This is not true.
    Sinhalese ancestors are coming from north indian Gujarat(Some one descirebe from Bengal) & Kabul (Kamboja)

    Tamils are migrated from South india Tamilnadu (They are Dravidayans).Some one migrate few centuries before and majority migrated 18 th and 19 th centuary.During dutch period they bought tamils from tamilnadu for Tobaco cultivation to Jaffna.During british period they bought tamils to hill country for Cofee and tea plantations

    3.Sinhalese speak an Indo-Aryan language called Sinhala. On the other hand, the language of the Tamils, Tamil, is a Dravidian language. THIS IS OK.Sinhala language is link with Sanskrit/ Prakrit and Pali.Maldive ppl also use Divehi language very close to Sinhala

    4.Tamils are Hindus with sizable Christian and Muslim populations.This is completely wrong No single tamil Muslim in srilanka.They are Moors or Muslims .Their ancestors are Arabs.They have separate identity.

    Before published these kind of articles atleast use GOOGLE

    Im sorry for my poor English

    • I am Sinhalease and very much interesting to know the origin of sinhala people.
      I am working in UAE and happened work with more Indian people.
      I can find Sinhala leters having more identical features of South Indian leteres and no any identical features with North Indian leters. If we compare Sinhala leters with Kerala, looks so sililar. Why is the likely reasons for this similarity?

      • Sinhala language is from south brahmi script (indo aryan language), so it will have similiarity in script from indian languages such as telugu and oriya. Ethnic Tamils were in srilanka for long centuries and also migrated from india to lanka for trade as well as dutch, british brought tamils for cultivation purposes. Lanka tamil muslims are mixed with arab, malay and south india tamil background having now tamil as their primary or mother language.

        Still question is that how lanka govt is going to provide equal rights to tamil minorities , as now they cant agrue about separatists since civil war has ben over… and move on to postiive constructive phase.

    • Whether you accept it or not I’m myself a lankan Muslim or ex Muslim. And I also personally believe that modern day srilankan Muslims have mostly descended from South Indian converts particularly Tamils or Tamilians and to a lesser extent from Sindhi Muslims like most of the South Indian Muslims. And it’s usually their partial or minor Sindhi or North Indian ancestry in addition to their predominantly Tamil ancestry which make this so called lankan moors slightly lighter and mo caucasoid than other Tamils.

  2. its realy wonderfull to know
    there is no video for which waiting

  3. Tamils have been discriminated against by the racist policies of the sinhala dominated state.

  4. “Many people wonder,what could possibly be a problem between two groups of people who looks alike.” This made me laugh. What about Northen Irland? Why some white poeple there have a problem with other white people. What about the world wars, or other wars withen Europe..

  5. I am Iranian from south iran…I have studdied iron age indian history. I tend to see that many of sinhalese looks very south iranian…..that means a very aryan type of face future but dark skin…….South iran is very hot …that is why people have darker skin that north iran…but the genetics is same…. And by the way Kambojas is an iranian clan who lived in the aria of pakistan/afganistan…i dont think they have anything to do with kabul…Kabul hower was the base of the Indo-greeks who also immigrated to sri lanka trough buddists stories….where 40 000 of menander (greek general) in Indo-greeco empire came to celibrate the Anuradaphura Stupa (buddist temple) in Sri lanka. This story is also in Greek and iranian museum. Iranians also have an immigration story to Sri lanka…The older is ….Kambojas (iranian clan) who settle down in many areas on the island…Most famouse in Sri lankan history is the Rohana Empire (outside todays Kalutara town) They was iranians who was buddists and warriors….who beat the south tamil Ravana to coem to sri lanka. They established two of sri lankas oldest buddist sanghas (Kambojas Guild, Kambojas Sangha) .


  6. But the thing you said about skin color is wrong,may be because of their origin or geographical distribution tamils are darker than sinhalese . Many tamils trying to called sinhalese tamils that converted to buddhism but that is wrong. We have different origins. You can’t hide the true history. Sinhalese people originally came from modern day bengal or gujarat. Still we have genetic relationships with them. Most of us recognize tamils because of their dark complexion. Well i’m not trying be a racist. But that is the truth.

  7. Many people can’t understand that the most important physical or phenotypical difference between our Sinhala and Tamil folks is not usually the skin complexion but their features. If u show me a group of Sinhalese and group of Tamils, then o wud easily say who are Sinhalese and who ar Tamils simply by looking at their features. Do u know that anthropologists have classified Sinhala people as East Brachid along with Bengalis and some groups in the Indian Burmese border like palaung people of Burma. Tamils are obviously not East Brachid also known as Mongoloid Dravidians. You can watch some nice Bengali folk songs in YouTube. Please just type “Ego nunur bape” and just watch the song. Bengalis look very Sinhalese to me, atleast to ma eyes.


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