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Difference Between Jesus and Mohammed

Jesus vs Mohammed

Jesus and Mohammed lived in two different periods. Mohammed is known to have lived 600 years after Jesus. Jesus and Mohammed had different views and also propagated different philosophies.

First of all, let us look at the death of the two great souls. Jesus is known to have resurrected from His grave on the third day after the Romans crucified Him. On the other hand, Mohammed is known to have died in the arms of one of his wives.

When Jesus heard God speak to Him, He went into the desert very boldly to be tempted. But when Mohammed heard God speaking to him, he was frightened and even wanted to commit suicide. Jesus has called Himself the Son of God, and Mohammed called himself as the messenger of God.

When Jesus got instructions directly from God, Mohammed received instructions from an angel.
Jesus had never married whereas Mohammed had 11 wives.

Jesus is known to have performed many miracles which included raising people from the dead, healing people, and calming storms. Mohammed is not known to have performed any miracles in his life. Jesus is known to have never sinned in His life.

Mohammed had taught that salvation was possible by following the Five Pillars of Islam. He said that salvation depended on one’s own efforts. Jesus had taught that God created human beings for a relationship with Himself, and He adopted human beings into His abode as His beloved children.

While Jesus was teaching love, grace, forgiveness, and tolerance, Mohammed is said to have gotten permission from Allah to wage war for protecting the religion and uniting the people.


1.Jesus is known to have resurrected from His grave on the third day after the Romans crucified Him. On the other hand, Mohammed is known to have died at the hands of one of his wives.
2.Jesus has called Himself the Son of God, and Mohammed called himself as the messenger of God.
3.Jesus is known to have performed many miracles, but Mohammed is not known to have performed any miracles in his life.
4.Mohammed was a mortal man who sinned like others, but Jesus is known to have never sinned in His life.
5.Jesus had never married whereas Mohammed had more than 20 wives.

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  1. We all are born into various religion and we practice them genuinely . Bible tells us God created with his WORD) And Jesus was formed by a WORD ..WITHOUT sin he was formed…. He is God . Mohamad is a leader in the Koran…. If Jesus is not superior than any prophet in the Koran why did the Koran teaches about Jesus more than Mohammad ….remember Mohammad performed no miracle ..im just curious if God is the creator of the universe why can’t he use his power to form a flesh that can save us all And die for our sins .

    • You’re right.In those days we learned stories of how diabolical hunters would turn themselves to animals such as lion or piton only to gather games and there after returned to human having entered an earthpot of herber concoction.He even claimed he could raise children for Abram from mere stones

    • Jesus was not created with a word He is the word. Jesus was and is and will be. He has always been. He took on human form for the forgiveness of our sins so that we could be with God again. God can not look at sin. We are sinful and without the blood of the lamb we could never be with our creator. Jesus was not creates he is the creator

    • Hi there! I just like to say that God sent someone to be flesh in this world; however, He (Jesus) existed way before the Earth was formed. He didn’t use his power to form a flesh to save us from our sins, because if He did, then he wouldn’t have meant True Love. Since Jesus is God’s Son, which was a precious Begotten being that He loved so much, he gave it to the world, which He also loved. If He just made a flesh to save us from our sins, it would be half good and half bad. Half bad because that living person was NOT what He loved a lot. In order to save the world & to show his True Love to a fallen race, God had to send what He loved the most. Hope this answers your question ^_^

    • Mohammad was illiterate as a fact so he could not write or divine intercession. It happened when he was in a meeting with Arabs and other warlords that he got to know about a thing that all wise men got knowledge in a cave. Hence he approached a cave called Hira a Baston of fallen Angels. They guided him to write all things mixed with a false religion called Islam with a changed narrative. Hence they quote from the Bible but disregard the existence and sacrifice of Jesus. Just think if the sacrifice of Jesus was not as they say he was not crucified then all teachings are false. And the Bible clearly states that the one who Denies the sacrifice of Jesus is doomed. Hence be ware they are all gone through hell

    • We are all more intelligent than a period few thousand years ago. From 14 to 28 years, there was no information whatever in the bible. Jesus joined the trading caravan with the Arabs and there is proof that Jesus was very much amazed to learn the enlightened and curing people. Jesus use the Ayurvedic to cure many people. According to Buddha, foe every illness these are medications and it’s up to the humans to discover. There were so many people went to coma due to certain illness and Buddha brought them to life. This was exactly Jesus did when it says Jesus raised them from dead. Over all when you look into it then it looks like Buddha’s teaching is more powerful than Jesus teaching.

      • We human lack knowledge some of our comments are questionable, let take example with JESUS many says alot on him, now what you will do in your life is to ask yourself why most of the prophets sin? But JESUS sin not? Hmm and we are here saying that Buddha teaching are more powerful than JESUS OWN where do they come from?

    • We are all more intelligent than a period few thousand years ago. From 14 to 28 years, there was no information on Jesus on the bible. During this 14 years of absence, Jesus was traveling along with the Caravan trading as far as India. Jesus joined the trading caravan with the Arabs and there is proof that Jesus was very much amazed to learn the Buddhist teaching of the enlightened and curing people. Jesus use the Ayurvedic medicine to cure many people. According to Buddha, for every illness these are medications cure and it’s up to the humans to discover. There were so people who got cured by Buddha. Certain illness put many people went to coma and sufferings whereas Buddha brought them to life. This was exactly Jesus did when it says Jesus raised them from dead. Over all when you look into it then it looks like Buddha’s teaching is more powerful than Jesus teaching. Jesus lived 3 to 4 years with the monks and infant was a student pursuing the teachings of Buddhism.

    • Muslims believe a warrior rich merchant
      Jesus is our savior
      and was cruzified
      To redimed us from our sins. Jesus was
      God in flesh he was
      The VERV.

    • Holy bible/Injile has lost his orginal language,orginal copies,so day after day man modify this holy bible with his best effort for next generation but Holy Al – Quran has unchanged with language & orginal copies for 1450 years (till now ), Muhammad has thousands miracle incident likes Moon divided,Speak with Animal,Tree has obedient,if his split mixed with water in pond, this water will be sweet water forever.Muhammad (SM)is last messanger it has announced by Holy Quran & it is ALLAH SPEECH sent by specific Angel.Ishaw ( May peach be upon him), He is the also Messanger of Allah but it was specific period,soecific nation,soecific Region.Mainly All the prophet is the messanger of ALLAH but mankind should not be workship his statu or idol.

  2. Hello Muslims, to be Frank Muhammad is far inferior to Jesus he’s incompatible with Jesus, Muhammad was just a common human like every other human being, a sinner, murderer, adulterer, he spread his religion through war, in his days, it’s either you accept Quran or you die, Islam is a religion of war. look at the Muslim countries, war as been the order of their day, they themselves don’t love one another, there’s no love in Islam, Muhammad himself never teaches love, but teaches hatred. Jesus Christ teaches love, and even said love your enemies and pray for those persecuting you. Muslim take it or leave it Muhammad is false, and he comes with a sword, but a good prophet will never come nor killed with a sword bye.

    • you are wrong. you have to read the Quran original version. this article has compare the Jesus and prophet Muhammad. and yet both are sent but god. and he is in the bible old chapter too. so i don’t agree with you Quran doesn’t spread hate. and Muslim countries has war because of USA not because of Muslim religion.

      • Islam was never of God it was a cult-like Brotherhood that preach peace but do the opposite of it. Go to the Arab world and see how much they hate on the Christians especially from Africa and you say that is a religion of peace even the African Muslims are not accepted to marry Arab ladies because of what they have a slave history or what and you both say you are Muslims. As for me, Islam is for the weak-minded people who can be brainwashed easily that Mohammed was of God and the religion is truly what it says it is the way Arab men treat their women in Saudi Arabia is that from the American too you see why I say this cult is for the weak minds

    • Who is Juses as Almighty AGod had clearly identify in His final Scriptue ( Quaraan)? Peace and mercy of Allah be with him.
      In the Quaran, Allaah says, “O people of the scripture do not commit excess in your religion or say about Allah except the truth. The Messiah , Jesus, the Son of Mary, was but a messenger of Allah and His word which He directed to Mary and a Soul ( created at a command just as He created every thing between Heavens and the Earth as command) from Him. So believe in Allah and his Messangers. And do not say, “Three”; Desist!It is better for you. Indeed, Allaah is one God. Exalted is He above having a son. To Him belongs whatever is in the Heaven and what ever is on the Earth. And sufficient is Allah as Disposer of all affairs.” ( Quraan 4:171)

      Who was Jusus according to Jusus?
      It is clearly read in the scripture, Jusus says, “He is a man approved by God among his own people with winders and Sig’s which God did by he; he says I am man working flesh and bones, eating and drinking, suffering from difficulty like old men do, sleeping and suffering from the masteries of men like other; I don’t have my own way but the way of the Father that send me; all those that are led by the spirit of God are called sons of God; for I will be judged my judgement is yet I seek not my own way but the way of the Father that send me.”
      These are just few words from the master himself, because, he said the master is greater than the servant. He is clearly telling us that he was a man like you and myself and a messeng send to do the work of God.

      Logical Approach:
      1.) Your own Bible says that God is not visible to human eyes and mind, you can only see God through His Creation.But Jusus was a man working on the Earth, talking, drinking suffering from everything like other men do.
      2.) Your own Bible says, ” God is for every living.” You are saying He die for three days.
      3.) Your own Bible says, ” God is uncreated.” Can God created another God? No, anything he create it can only be part of his creation but can not be He.
      4.) Your Bible says, “God is merciful”. While will God be merciful and can not be able to forgive us until some one pay for it? It shows that your God is not merciful. Logically if some slaps you and you have the power to forgive that individual why you have to pay back before you forgive? It means you did not forgive.
      Friends, we need to open our mind to accept the truth even if it is against us. Lastly, Jusus said, ” Untill your rightousness exceed to the rightousness of scribes your shall not see the kingdom of Heavens.” Our faith as Muslim is what God has joint upon is to joint the right and forbide evil.” And Jesus said the same thing, ‘ this is the hold matter, listen to the last matter, believe God do good upon that you will be judge.’

    • Sorry Daniel, you are completely wrong. Read the Old Testament of bible if you like. Don’t comment here if you know nothing about religion.

      Michael H. Hart. Google him!!! See what he says!!!

      Or write your self in Google (the greatest man in the history!!!) Jesus pbuh is on 3rd. It’s no joke. As much as I love Jesus pbuh, I have to agree the truth. See it your self.


    • Hi Daniel and all, to tell u the truth, Mohammad promoted peace. Mohammad is the one who taught to give respect to women at the time when daughters were buried alive.

      Islam was not preached with weapon yet with the kind and impressive behaviour and by forgiveness.

      Mohammad is the one who taught through Allah’s commands to give equal respect to all religions including Christianity and that for a Muslim Jesus is as respectful and a prophet of Allah as all other prophets are.

      If he was married to several wives so it was tradition at those times in Arab culture even today most arabs keep more than 1 wife.

      He never committed or tried to or wanted to commit suicide but he taught that to end one’s own life is one of the greatest sins and is not liked by God. Also in times of grief and depression one should have firm belief on god that He is going to resolve all the matters and there will be an ease after every hardship.

      If u believe in Jesus, I am sure u must also know that giving respect and to respect the feelings of others religion is equally important.
      May we all be guided to the truth and righteous path. Amen

    • May allah bless you and forgive your sin your done by saying false and ill things , Go gain some history of WAR that might help your brain. Now Russia & Ukraine having WAR.

  3. I see the differences between Jesus and Mahammed Their was far difference between them. I Throughly believe that Jesus is the son of God.. in the book of first John chapter 3:16. he said. for God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son. who is the son? exist Jesus or Mahammed? Jesus preach Love, Grace, Forgiveness, and Tolerance, then for mahammed said he get permission to Allah to wage war for protecting the region and uniting the people.. who are the region? christianity or Islam? Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life.. Mahammed said to his followers pray for me because I don’t no were am going..

  4. I see the differences between Jesus and Muhammed Their was far difference between them. I Throughly believe that Jesus is the son of God.. in the book of first John chapter 3:16. he said. for God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son. who is the son? exist Jesus or Muhammed? Jesus preach Love, Grace, Forgiveness, and Tolerance, then for Muhammed said he get permission to Allah to wage war for protecting the region and uniting the people.. who are the region? Christianity or Islam? Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life.. Muhammed said to his followers pray for me because I don’t no were am going..

  5. Total wrong documentary. Don’t read it. It is misguiding people ….

  6. I can here and now full believe that Jesus will even judge Muhammad in the edge of the world.

  7. Jesus is the way and the truth. Mohhamed was a nomal human being let me say he aleader like others.

  8. My day to know the truth .

  9. I don’t really see why some one will tell his followers to kill for allah instead of perching love.one thing I know is that anyone that don’t believe in jesus will not make heaven.

  10. This is not factual and is actually extremely biased and islamaphobic. Mohammad did not have 11 wives…. Completely made up by someone who hates muslims. Which is obvious whoever wrote this is an idiot.

  11. Let me guess who wrote this? Hmmmm, of course Christian who doesn’t know about Muhammed and Islam! Other comments saying that Muslim countries have wars, let me guess again, hmmmm I guess western countries involved in this war. Islam is the most growing religion in the world, and compare Muslim countries and Christian countries, then you will find the truth. I recommend everyone to watch Zakir Naik or Muhammed Hijab. Peace.

    • Watch Christian prince before telling us to watch those who can’t answer anything asked

    • Thank you for your reply; I am not a religious scholar. I am an ABET graduate in Electrical Engineering. I was born in the West. However, I seek to fulfill that what I believe in is a single God or Connection that connects all living beings. I have been listening to Muslim music such as “Peace Be Upon You” by Maher Zain. I love it! The power behind the words and the truth of it is tear filling. As a Christian raised Man, this is a challenging pursuit, and it does not stop at Islam. It will continue to all main religions worldwide. I do want to tell you that I feel there is honesty and truth in reality in the words I have heard in the song that I mentioned. I think this might be caused due to environments and my firm belief in Good or Bad. So please stay good, sir, and do not let hate sink into your thoughts. I also hope this for myself and everyone. Love is the answer! I believe!!!

      • What a confused brainwashed fool you are

      • Jesus is the LORD and the life. He is truly the Son of God. Mohammad was a Prophet such as John The Baptist. Jesus died on the Cross to save us. What does it take for you to accept the word and presence of The Holy Trinity. Jesus never called himself the Son of God. It was the sinners. Even Pontuis Pilate washed his hands of Jesus death. A riot of infidels caused the decision.
        I’m not saying Mohammad is not a profit and that he did good things, but had many sons. Jesus Our Lord and Savior is God’s son, who he sent down to save us. No offense to anyone

    • Ur right boss, cos am 100% sure the person who wrote those statement was Christianity

    • Allah bless you brother
      At the end,Christians will know that Jesus is a prophet from the Allah and he is not a god, may Allah show them the way

    • I believe you Sr is
      Who need to educate
      Yourself!Jesus can not be compared to
      Your profet mahoma
      That is a sacrilege.
      Jesus was crusified
      And with his blood he
      Made God’s will and redemed us .Mahoma was poisoned by one of his wives..see the
      May God bless you in the name of Jesus!

    • Muslims are you people dumb? If you know that America or the Western world are causing conflicts in your land you are to unite and stop fighting. Wherever Muslims are know for sure that trouble is there. Your Quoran teaches violence period. What a shame

    • You can see you Islamic scholars are trying so hard to renew all those Lies they feed you gullible ones about Paedophile Muhammad sex hungry illiterate who contributed nothing but the virus of the cult-like religion with hate war and magic

  12. Mohammed existed and was probably a charasmatic, violent nutcase. Jesus is pure fantasy/fiction with an obvious agenda.. Those with eyes open can see this.

  13. did he have 11 or 20 wives and only moderated comments get posted? Apparently your magic is weak

  14. Our creator is love,he has provided us with one of the best beautiful planet (Earth)to live happily.
    Love your nature,
    Remember that our nature has no religion,
    Nature loves you,
    Never oppose nature with ammunition/weapons and evil,
    It will turn against you,
    It’s simple as that.

  15. Jesus is one hundred percent free from sin more than Muhammed, Muhammed was just a mere motal being,therefore, he use brutality to cover his shameful behavior.

    • In my study I found out that Muhammad claimed to be a Ishmaelite who were descendants of Abraham and Hagar’s son Ismael. But as any Christian knows that Isaac did receive the blessing. Ishmael and others cursed the Hebrew God Jehovah who Abraham became JHVH’S Friend.Read Psalms 83:1,2 and 5,6. Do you think the Ishmaelites were taught to Jehovah God because He didn’t receive the blessing as first son. Just something to think about.

  16. Jesus and Mohammed

  17. Khalid there is different between fast growing and truth, because the holy Bible says the way to hell is more broader than that of paradise. So my dear Friend Iam not condenming Mohammed but be wise in your choice, i rest my comment.

  18. Jesus Christ is our Savior, Salvation is in Jesus alone, Hallelujah

  19. Ishmael was Taught to Hate the Hebrew God, Jehovah the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

  20. Lemme guess, a Christian posted this. Muhammad never sinned, He never wanted to commit suicide as suicide is forbidden in Islam. Islam literally comes from the word Salaam which means Peace. There’s no way that he promoted war. Jesus never said he was the son of God. Christians are claiming that he said so. He is a human too and he will return to tell you that.

    • Can you show us some of the mistakes in it?

    • Bro Zayne,
      Do you have any reference Quranic verses to authenticate that Mohammed never sinned. If so present them in support of your claim, so that all may know of it. Better write what you know. Know that God knows what is the matl. u r made of and how knowledgeable u r.Therefore humble yourself and seek His Grace before you put in ur comment or suggestion or a point of view.

  21. Bro, u got ur informations about Muhammed (peace and blessing on him) from google, then go to google and type: the Greatest man in the world
    it will tell you:
    1- Muhammed
    2- Isaac Newton
    3- Jesus
    and to let u know, ur informations is wrong
    jesus didn’t talk to the God, only two prophets spoke to the God
    the first is moussa and he asked the God if he can see him:

    When Moses came to the place appointed by Us, and his Lord addressed him, He said: “O my Lord! show (Thyself) to me, that I may look upon thee.” Allah said: “By no means canst thou see Me (direct); But look upon the mount; if it abide in its place, then shalt thou see Me.” When his Lord manifested His glory on the Mount, He made it as dust. And Moses fell down in a swoon. When he recovered his senses he said: “Glory be to Thee! to Thee I turn in repentance, and I am the first to believe.”

    And the second was Muhammed (peace and blessing on him) and he didn’t just talk to Allah no, he climbed to the 7 skys with the angel that u said he just saw him and his name is Gabriel and at the 6th sky Gabriel told muhammed that he must continue alone and if Gabriel went one more step he will be burned, and Muhammed continue to the 7th sky alone and he saw Allah with his own eyes, and it mentioned in Quran with:

    Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The Parable of His Light is as if there were a Niche and within it a Lamp: the Lamp enclosed in Glass: the glass as it were a brilliant star: Lit from a blessed Tree, an Olive, neither of the east nor of the west, whose oil is well-nigh luminous, though fire scarce touched it: Light upon Light! Allah doth guide whom He will to His Light: Allah doth set forth Parables for men: and Allah doth know all things.

    and after all of that he went back to the earth and this bed was still warm.

    • Why are you gullible Muslims filled with hatred and lies your nonentity Muhammed saw GOD that paedophile sex hungry bloodthirsty vampire can that is confused causing havoc with the virus called Islam he roasts all his miserable life in hell for spreading this virus, Islam, with wrong teachings

  22. u said that jesus is the son of the god and he isn’t a god, so why do u pray for him and not for the god?
    also when jesus borned allah didn’t allow the satan to touch him that’s why he didn’t sin
    also Muhammed (peace and blessing on him didn’t sin ever like other prophets, i told u that u get ur informations form google but now i’m sure u get it from ur head like the people who wrote the The Bible some of it jesus words and some from the people who live in his time and some from Historians and some from the translaters
    but if u went to google and asked: did muhammed ever sin?
    the answer will be never
    check ur informations before u make yourself a joke

  23. Jesus in the son of God,muhammade married some wives who actual led him in to the sin of adultry by looking lustful on them.

  24. It’s about God. When you find him and recieve him all else will reveal itself in due time. Open your heart and soul and mind and you will know what God’s plan is for your personal journey. God is the creator of all and the Human experience is a individually tailored event for the soul it befalls upon. If god made everything then you will understand taking the good with the bad and different places and people recieve different parts of the happening which has been created for us this moment I existence being alive on earth. God bless us all.

  25. I really thank God i’m Christian today, I always believe in bible.

    Is one thing confused me in Quran sura 3:85

  26. Unbiased & Low IQ comparison.Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) never teach hate & Islam is not spread by sword or war , however by character & manners .Would like to answer about wars that are against evils or for justice.Prohet Do married with 11 women’s from which 10 are divorced he teaches us how to live a life.He said to get married to us instead of vulgarity. AND we can’t married more than 4 at a time .Now a days nobody do 4 marriages but century ago kings have many wives.dont be blind we respect prophet essa but you think by comparing miracle you can prove someone right . Speak truth where is original Bible in his pure form ? NOwhere so shut up you got big zero knowledge about prophet essa even lol

  27. Why fighting over what you know is right.please allow the almighty to take charge.

  28. Wrong information about Muhammad (peace be upon him). As I know about him he had a lot of miracles one from that is Quran the holy book which never changed even after hundreds of years. I don’t know too much about Jesus(hazrat eesa (peace be upon him ) one from the millions of messengers of Allah Almighty who told people to worship the only god Allah)
    And there are a lot of miracles of Muhammad like he(peace be upon him) tore moon into two peaces he was the man about whom his enemies called he is the who never told a lie he is the man who never cheated anyone he is the man who never do wrong with any of his life passengers .
    He was a man whose slave conquered romans and a lot of kingdoms.

  29. Jesus christ is the only way u make heaven, just believe on what you know.

  30. This is sad. I see people who claim to believe in God, Allah , Jesus, & Muhammad. Claim that there belief is of Love & Peace. Yet are angry, mean, & vindictive to people of other Faiths. Is this what they taught? This is not how you teach someone about your Faith. I pray for all of you Stop the Hate. “Listen to Understand. Not to support your case” (Quote, AnnaMarie Donily)

  31. All just copy and paste and edit from judaism la wtf… especially the moon religion… seven heaven concept,fasting,praying style,law, all can found within jewish tanakh and a lot of jew lives at ancient medinah too..dont tell me they cant get a single holy scripture from jews… .whoever decided to wrote ending from some unknown author story have the most authority to twist or changed the story line from start to finish…

  32. Muhammed, you’re completle comfuse about jesus chris. First of all, who is jesus?
    jesus: is not a human like us, not a prophet, but only be gotten son of god and who so ever believe in him shall not parish, but have w ever lasting life….
    when peter ask jesus said; jesus chris show us the father (god) and jesus reply to him and said: peter since how long shall i stay with you, you did not know the father? (god) “said jesus” me and the father (god) are one… Who’s know’s me, know the father (god). and who know the father (god) know’s me.
    And who know’s the work of my father (god) know’s my work…
    so muhammed, if christian pray’s to jesus he/she pray’s to our god and also who praise the name of jesus praise god.
    so yo muslem’s don’t mine or pascute christian’s for praying to jesus chris.
    whe are but human’s but whe need to love each.
    i’m justice i wish you
    the best

  33. Dear brothers, When I was young, I have studied many religions, includes Jesus. I didn’t care about miracles and events as it is just history. Then I had the time that i most needed help, someone told me to accept Jesus to help me. It was like a miracle when i accepted Him. Now i would say that it is not important to compare his miracles to others, it is not true faith if I will just look at history to accept. It is just like a leap of faith. Reality in this generation is to believe, not thru history. (John 3:16)

  34. Did Muhammad raise back to life and go to heaven???

    Did Muhammad raise people from death???

    Did Muhammad open the blinds eyes???

    Did Muhammad make the lame to walk??

    Did Muhammad Heald anyone sick???

    It is written, in the Holy Bible, the devil cometh not but for to steel, kill and to distroy.

    Jesus our Lord and personal saviour.
    He came to Redeem the people back to His Father God.
    He came to set the captives free.
    He came to reconcile man back to God.
    He came to show us the way to eternal life.
    Thanks be to God for sending His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to die in other for us to be saved, Thank you Jesus for saving me.
    You are spotless Redeemer, you are beautiful Redeemer,
    You are wonderful Redeemer,
    You are magnificent God.
    You are worthy of my highest praise in the Previous Name of Jesus Christ Amen.
    Jesus died for everyone.
    Repent from serving men and come back to Jesus, for he is the way the truth and the life no one goes to the father except through the Son.
    God bless you all.

  35. If Jesus was a prophet that came before Muhammad and said that you must be born again Physically and spiritually to be in heaven that Muhammad will not be in heaven because he was never knock and Ask Jesus to be a savior and forgive Him of his sin He is dead Christ lives forever It’s time for us to move on praise God for his son knock and he’ll Come in to life if you’re welcome Believe and have faith people peace and love

  36. Jesus Christ is the Redeemer of all Nations and human in the world.

  37. Lol who the fuck wrote this nonsense article. Full of misinformations. I get it u hate Islam but you don’t have to write such a misleading article??? Do your research bro. Oh btw, “islam is a religion of war” bruh tf???? So u are not going to say anything abt how USA attacks those muslim countries?? What a joke. Write better next time. Get a life.

  38. Who this thing is stupid may God punish him Muslim is the religion of peace and prophet muhammad tell us to believe in Jesus real name Isah the messengers of Allah,Islam is the best religion to stop killing people

  39. Ijohn 1 1-5 “in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness,and the darkness has not overcome[a] it.

    Mathew 3 17 And a voice from heaven said, “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased

    May God forgive us for this but let Respect Jesus christ the son of God the “word”
    And let us respect the Messengers of God no need of these all while we are seeking one God peace be upon you.

  40. The different b/n jesus and Mohammed is Mohammed have both mother and father Where as Jesus only have mother a father of Jesus is a miracle of Allah.

  41. Trit Mohammed has Received Authority from prophet Mohammed (S.A.W)

  42. Prophet isa is a prophet of God.and also prophet was not die he when to heven and also he come back after the end of the world as a prophet or as a person to follow the Islam like everyone.and also show him self he is not a God and also he is saying not son of God.and he say something about prophet Muhammed saw.Alhamdullahi we are Muslim we believe in one God and prophet Muhammad is the messager of God.and also prophet is a son of maryam and messages of God.

  43. Mr man
    Anythings you say about prophet isa is not Good.and also you say about prophet Muhammad.no respect is your word.we are believed in one God.prophet is he is alive and he is come back to world.he is not kill.prophet isa like prophet Adam.Allah was send isa with out father and also send Adam with out father and mother.prophet isa he say many things about prophet Muhammad before when to haven.prophet Muhammad he say many thing about prophet.in the holy Quran we the chapter of maryam.in christan book nothing anything that show the only one chapter of maryam.islam the religion and also the way was show our God.and also no way to understand the Christian book with out become a Muslim.always we are in thank God.we are believed one Allah.

  44. please how can you compare Muhammed with Jesus.
    the muhammed that even married his daughter in law his son wife, and that is the reason why Islamic does not allow their wife to go to mosque.

  45. when truth is hiden, misleading quatations clears confusions. In the book of deutoronmy 18:18 says: the lord your God will raise up for them a prophet like me from among your own people:you shall heed such a prophet. Deutoronomy 18:15 says: i will raise up for them a prophet like you from among their own people;i will put my words in the mouth of the prophet, who shall speak to them everything that i command.

  46. The truth is there in the bible but lack of understanding of wiseness may not let you know. In the book of john 16 says; 7 nevertheless i tell you the truth; it is expendient for you that i go away for if i go not away;the comforter will not come unto you: but if i depart,i will send him unto you.8 And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of rightousness, and of judgement. 12 I have yet many things to say unto you but ye cannot bear them now. 13 howbeit when he the spirit of truth is come, he will guide you into all truth:for he shall not speak of his self; but whatsoever he shall hear that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come. believe in God who created heaven and earth who created you also and everything believe in the prophets and believe that muhammed is the last prophet of God

  47. the true is from Muhammad not for Jesus ,in Islam Jesus didn’t no that you are calling him Jesus, Jesus name in Islam is prophet isa and believe in Allah

  48. I made a great mistake of reading this articles.I pray may God forgive us.The truth is we all lack understanding of Holy Books.I pray for forgiveness

  49. Different is that
    Jesus is messiah ,from the beginning of the earth God promised one and to judge both good and bad according to their work
    Mohmummad is messenger, the last messenger from God he will also be judge by jesus for his work
    And sure Mohmummad will get his reward the tree of live

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