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Differences between Islam and radical Islam

Islam is a religion that originated in the 7th century. It is the religion of peace and its followers are known as Muslims. From when the religion was first revealed till today, there have been many different interpretations of various verses of the Holy book in Islam which has led to a difference of opinion not only on minute issues but on some very large ones as well. Over the years there have been misinterpretations as well as some deliberate attempts to wrongly interpret the Holy words. This has been the reason for the unacceptable image that Islam has today; its association with terrorism and violence and a misconception of Jihad are just the tip of the iceberg.

Some people associate radical Islam with Islamic fundamentalism. When we talk about radical Islam, it brings to mind the early days of Islam when the people carried out armed struggles every few years. Islam was spreading and there were tribes that opposed the growing force that undermined their dominance. Therefore they did their best to cause hindrance in the path of Islam. The battles that were fought against them are more or less the motivation for fundamentalist groups today that fight in the name of Islam and the religion they claim to be following is termed radical Islam. The most important difference between the concepts of these people and other Muslims who are claimed to be following true Islam is their concept of Jihad. Whereas the latter try to spend a simple life guided by the faith, the former consider it their responsibility to spread Islam and convert people. They consider themselves responsible to wage war against any anti-Islamic factor in society or in the world. Islam in its pure form is a religion of peace. Muslims greet each other by wishing peace to each other. In fact, Islam or Salamati means peace. But like every other religion, there are those radical interpreters who believe in extremism. Radical Islamic terrorism is considered to be one of the greatest concerns of the middle-east and true Muslims consider that these radicals do not follow the Holy Book and one of the most important concepts of Islam which is peace.

Tolerance is another level where there is difference of opinion. There are verses in the Holy Book of Muslims that call for tolerance and good relations towards those of another religion. The radicals however, consider themselves righteous and consider it their duty to convert the rest to Islam even if it involves war. Furthermore, true Muslims accept that Christianity and Judaism are also divine religions and recognize their religious books as divine too. They believe that they also follow a religion that was revealed upon them by the same God as themselves.

Moving on, Islam in its true form is a religion of giving. Zakat, Sadqa, Chanda are various forms of charity in Islam and they can be given to people irrespective of their caste, colour, creed or religion. The radicals, as opposed to this are far away from giving something to others; they rather try to take away the freedom of choosing what religion to follow.

The radicals are known to interpret the Holy words according to themselves in such a way that it makes Jihad seem of the utmost significance. There are many more duties for a Muslim to fulfil first and Jihad comes later on. Also, the love and peace that Islam wants it followers to spread are exactly opposite of what these radicals spread. Their ideas are considered extremist, chaotic and psychopathic.

Summary of differences expressed in points

  1. Islam-a religion in its true, pure form; radical Islam, early Islam and its battles, fundamentalist views
  2. Radical Muslims-concentrate too much on Jihad; true Muslims focus more on the pillars of Islam (prayer, fasting etc.)
  3. Concept of Jihad- for true Muslims-fighting evil within themselves, family/society and then any oppressing forces; radical Muslims consider Jihad to be fighting against non-Muslim forces
  4. True Muslims believe in freedom of religion for all, also accept other religions as being divine and their scriptures coming from the same source as the source of Quran; radical Muslims consider it their duty to convert non-Muslims to Muslims
  5. Very low tolerance showed by radical Muslims compared to their counterparts
  6. True Muslims; try to spread love and peace; radical Muslims believe in struggling and fighting for the slightest anti or un-Islamic thing that happens

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  1. In Koran I have counted about 140 points where It push to kill Christians and Jews and in ways we don’t use from thousands years. When Koran has been written nor Jews nor Christians were dangerous for Muslims. The first hide in many countries the others fighting each others to build new nations. Christian church
    has been the greatest deadly machine of the Human history and
    on his book you can not find an invitation to violence. Then how you can call Islam a religion of peace with continuous invitations
    to destroy infidels? The way of thinking of Muslims you do not read in the action of ISIS of other extremist groups but in the people who came in our countries. How I can accept a person who came in my country because he needs help and because he escape from hell and pretend to change your mind? You accept to give a roof and food to a poor who began to say you that he don’t like your carpet and you must change it? Firstly because you must
    thank and not pretend, secondly because perhaps you do not know but your land is hell because of those ideas and if you want bring those with you do not escape from hell to come in paradise but you bring hell with you in my country. The religion of peace
    fight the knowledge and the free ideas and discussion and survive only in a static world without possibility of progress. Before to be a religion of violence, deep violence, the problem of Islam is the stupidity. From inside is not possible to see because only few person highly clever are able to refuse things learned in first years of age, often with force and violence, I know because for two years my two children were in a Islamic school. Also the other religion are fake and with many errors but not like Islam. I cannot trust that a person can go to God to ask Him to give an evidence of His power and Him does something violent as cut in pieces four his creature! We are in the third millennium. These are things that in Rome only populace thought real because Patricians were more smart. I am sure God exist but I have sure evidence that all religion are human. And if there are human different from my ideas I am ready to accept. Till the moment they come to say me what I can drink or eat, they rape the girls of my people (You Know what happen in Oslo) and pretend to cover our splendid woman as black ghost and slave them only to cover their psychological problems and their fear.

    • It really scares and saddens me, the affects of religion on society past and present. I really cannot understand why most people must think that their god is better than somebody else’s. If people weren’t so afraid of what happens to them after they die I think the world as we know it would be so much better. Unfortunately people feel the need to follow. Personally I do not have a faith and try just to live my life one day at a time only because that’s all I can handle but I am ok with that and it works for me. But I really do feel sorry for people brought up in a society where freedom to choose, think, or say how you want is not an option. But anyways I know there’s a difference between a Muslim and a Radical Muslim. And I’m trying to explain the difference to others but it seems like they don’t or won’t even see the difference thanks to mainstream media.

  2. The problem is that all Islam is Radical, but it is virtually impossible for someone who follows the faith to admit their faith is flawed and the invention of a false prophet.


    This is not the work of a religion of peace…. The police officers arrested and held two lovers until a mob could arrive to take them to their death. They would like to spin it as we were protecting them from themselves and then we had to turn them over because the righteous were at the door screaming for blood and shooting at us. NEWS FLASH AFGHANI POLICE: “if they are shooting at you they are committing a crime, and its your job to put them down before someone gets hurt or in this case killed” oh well must be all that peace they been telling everyone about.

    Author notes when one Muslim meets another “they wish each other peace” yet does not note they wish death to all non believers so their wish of Peace is actually them wishing the other well in their journeys and hopes that all future encounters will be by fellow Muslims and not the others who must be cut down. Knowing that any action they take against another may result in death so in actuality “peace be with you my brother” translates to ” Hopefully you only encounter Muslims from this point on so you might live a long life by not blowing yourself up” but hey “ya do whatcha gotta do” in the name of peace right?


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