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Difference Between a Pure Substance and a Mixture

mixture-pdPure Substance vs Mixture

Seawater, cooking oil, steel, bronze, oxygen, salt, soil ‘“ when you look at these things individually, do you think that you can recognize whether they fall under the ‘pure substance’ or ‘mixture’ category? Let us learn about the distinct differences and similarities, if any, between a pure substance and a mixture.

Firstly, a pure substance is matter which cannot be separated into any other kind of matter when using the physical or chemical process. All the particles which make up a pure substance have the same color, taste, composition and texture. In other words, it can be an element or a compound, which consists of only one component with a definite composition, chemical and physical properties.

Secondly, a mixture is a combination of two or more substances which are not united using a chemical procedure. The components that make up a mixture do not exist in fixed proportions, and most of the natural substances that you are familiar with, are mixtures. Examples of mixtures include water, alcohol, oil, and dye.

So what are the distinct differences between these two? With regards to a mixture, it can be physically separated into pure compounds or elements. This is something that is not possible with a pure substance, because it is already a type of matter which exists in its most basic, or purest form.

Another distinct characteristic of a pure substance is that, no matter how physically impossible it may be to isolate a pure substance, it can only be considered as pure if no impurities are detected. When it comes to their physical properties, such as their boiling or melting points, pure substances are non-changing, while mixtures are varying. For example, the boiling point of pure water is at 100 degrees Celsius, while the boiling point of alcohol mixed with water may be at a range of temperatures. To put it simply, pure substances are exactly what the name implies – pure, while mixtures are impure.


1. Pure substances cannot be separated into any other kinds of matter, while a mixture is a combination of two or more pure substances.

2. A pure substance has constant physical and chemical properties, while mixtures have varying physical and chemical properties (i.e., boiling point and melting point).

3. A pure substance is pure, while a mixture is impure.

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  1. I agree with all of this I think what they are saying is true, even tho I hate science I agree with this .

  2. What r the similaries bewtween the both though??????????????????????????????????

  3. hi im billybob im a loner please i need friend?

  4. thank you for a wonderful answer

  5. Science is too annotimg to attain

  6. Water is not a mixture. It is chemically combined and has the same properties throughout.

    • Hey Olivia you are almost right because the thing is that only pure water is pure or in other words u can say distilate water i made the same mistake in my paper the word is water it is a mixture because they actually mean TAP WATER which is a mixture and when the word is DISTILATE WATER it means pure water otherwise its nice to show your concern:)

  7. How to distinguish substance and mixtures by means of boiling point and melting point ?

  8. Its simple pure substance is pure and mixture does not contain pure substances




  12. Wowww the last differenice was my favaourite ‘a pure substance is pure while a mixture is impure ‘ what a difference

  13. Science is an interesting subject.
    But all people have different ways to think & understand

  14. Science sometimes give u a shock its so interesting u wont even belive yourselfffff!!

  15. hi i am Manudi and i love all things science! my hobbies include ballet and horse riding and this year i learnt to distinguish a pure substance from a mixture!!! since it’s my 4st school this year i’m struggling to find people who don’t run away from me when i try talk to them. anyone looking for a friend 😉 please help me we can study together and learn the difference between a solid and a gas together! bffl (best friends for life if you didn’t get it haha) please. help. me. thank you xxxxxx

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