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Line vs Line Segment

In the study of geometry and mathematics, shapes, sizes, positions, quantity, and changes are examined and analyzed. These two fields are also involved in the study of lines and line segments.

The term “line” comes from the Middle English word “ligne” which comes from the Old English word “line” for the Latin word “linum” meaning “flax.” It has Indo-European roots that in modern word usage have come to develop several different meanings.

The most common usage for the word “line” is in mathematics and geometry. A line is defined as a geometric figure that is formed by a point that moves in a fixed direction. It is the intersection of two planes, and it can go on endlessly in both directions. It is sometimes described as an infinitely long and perfectly straight curve that has an infinite number of points.

The concept of a line was introduced by mathematicians to represent straight objects that have no width and depth. It is a length that can either be straight or curved which does not have any thickness or breadth. Modern mathematicians define “line” in two different ways which in a sense relate to each other. One pursues Euclid’s approach that defines it as an abstract and archaic object that is defined by a set of principles.

The other most commonly used definition is one that was proposed by Rene Descartes which relies on coordinate geometry. It defines the Euclidean plane as a set of points whose coordinates provide an answer to a linear equation.

A line is composed of a line segment or segments. A line segment is a part of a line that has two end points which may be parallel, intersecting, or skew. It is finite, and its length can be measured from its beginning point to its end point.

A line segment includes all points on the line within its end points. In a circle wherein both endpoints lie on a curve, it is called a chord. In polygons, such as triangles or squares, the sides are line segments called an edge or diagonal.

It is a basic concept in ordered geometry wherein betweenness or intermediacy are features but have no perception of measurement. Line segments are also important in other geometric and mathematical theories.


1.A line is a geometric figure that is formed by a point that moves in different directions while a line segment is a part of a line.
2.A line is infinite and it goes on forever while a line segment is finite, starting at one point and ending at another point.
3.A line is defined as a set of points whose coordinates provide a solution to a linear equation while a line segment is defined as a basic concept of ordered geometry and is used in other geometric and mathematical theories.
4.Both lines and line segments can be parallel, intersecting, or skew, but while lines have no width or depth, line segments have lengths that can be measured.

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