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egoistNarcissist vs. Egotist

The definition of Narcissist is a psychological disorder which is achieved by a person’s physical or mental behavior and shows excessive admiration or self love. The egotist on the other hand is defined as a person who is not agreeable or not pleasant.

To differentiate between narcissist and egotist, we should know how to identify them, what they think of themselves and how they behave. Narcissists are of various types and present with different clinical features. The features include a signature trait wherein they show more affection on themselves and try to prove that they are more than what they are; they always expect some kind of compliment from others; they act in a different way in front of others; they will blame others for their loss; their way of conversation will be unique; they will explain everyone that all the people love them. The features of an egotist include ‘himself’. He is always bothered about his needs and desires. He decides everything for himself. All the conversations and his actions will all be in just about satisfying himself. The obligations, truth, justice and all other laws are just for himself.

All narcissists can be egotists whereas all egotists cannot be narcissists. Every person has some amount of narcissistic behavior in them whereas ego is made to develop inside one’s mind and heart. Until diagnosed by a doctor, they are considered to be egotists. But once given the diagnosis by the doctor, they are referred to as narcissists. The narcissists are dysfunctional. Narcissists have lots of ego in them. They don’t reveal their true face but instead, they reveal their false self. There is a theory proposed by Freud which describes the narcissist’s ego.

A narcissist does not know what is human, how human needs to be and behave whereas an egotist is bothered all about himself. He knows only his needs and to fulfil these needs, he starts showing all kinds of behavior. If we had never loved ourselves, we will not know about egoism at all.

The narcissist wants to like others. He hardly knows about himself. He lives in an imaginary world. He cannot understand or cope up with other human beings. He is bothered about adoration, affirmation, love, applause, admiration and attention. An egotist is not happy with himself and other people. He doesn’t like his relationship with others. He is unhappy with the happenings around him. He feels that other people are great and he feels lonely and desires to achieve everything.


1.When undiagnosed, a person is called an egotist but once diagnosed, the person is considered to be narcissist.
2.Some amount of narcissism can be seen in everybody but egoism is only allowed by a person to develop.
3.An egotist knows only himself whereas a narcissist shows more affection on himself so that others know about it
4.A narcissist understands about others whereas an egotist knows only himself and can do anything for himself.

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  1. Seems to me that the writer simply doesn’t know what he (or she) is talking about. An egotist is defined as “a conceited, boastful person,” and not someone “who is not agreeable or not pleasant.”

    The common term for someone who is “not agreeable or not pleasant” is “jerk.”

    Donald Trump is thought to be an egotist, yet he’s said to be quite charming, at least one-on-one or in small social groups.

    And the idea that egotist is a term for a narcissist who hasn’t been officially diagnosed is patiently silly.

    It seems to me that an important defining difference between an egotist and a narcissist is that narcissists have an insatiable craving for attention. Perhaps boastful people merely want recognition, rather than bottomless attention.

    Perhaps the difference between the two is can be put in a nutshell: narcissism is egotism on steroids, although I have my doubts about that kind of simplicity.

    It’s said that narcissists don’t understand themselves, so they don’t understand others or have empathy for others. I imagine that one could easily be a egotist and still have understanding for oneself as well as empathy for others.

    And the idea that “some degree of narcissism” can be seen in everyone is fatuous, like saying that some degree of schizophrenia can be seen in everyone. Narcissism is a mental illness. We all boast, we all crave attention, but that doesn’t make all of part-time egotists or partial narcissists.

    • Well said mark, your comment makes a lot more sense to me than the original article.

      Thanks for the clear and well articulated view.

    • I agree to some point. I feel that someone with a high ego and a low self-esteem is the most volatile personality trait. Their ego needs to be filled to validate themselves. Their low self-esteem does not love themselves. Unfortunately if the ego is not filled by other people in many cases suicide occurs. If you have these traits please get help.

    • A small cavil. “patently silly,” not “patiently silly.” Otherwise, spot on. Also, in the original explanation, did anyone notice that the author slipped in a reference to egoism under 2? Probably meant egotism, even though the reference would make no sense either way.

    • Mike, are you afraid of thinking that we all have some characteristics of mental illness or disorders? It’s all about the “how much”, believe me. Myself, I would say I have some traits of mania-depressia, but no need for lithium. And in what and how you wrote there is a dose of narcissism. So what? It happens in the best of families.

    • Mark u are absolutely correct. My sister called me an egotist today simply because my memory is better than hers about something that happened 45 yrs ago.

  2. The writer seems not to be a native English writer. There are contradictions in the explanation and it seems “derived” rather than being authoritative.

  3. With 17 years experience in the field and as an author indeed I agree this person has no definite clue about egotism, and also that is up with a picture of egoism. The easy definition between narcissist and egotist is simply that an egotist does not need narcissistic supply ..

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