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Difference Between FSH and LH

fsh_bookFSH vs LH
You must have heard about the hormones LH and FSH present in the human body. Though these hormones are not essential to living as such, they are very important so far as reproduction is concerned. The hormones are present in both males and females. However, they act differently between the two sexes. So how is LH different from FSH?

Both FSH and LH are produced by the anterior pituitary gland, a tiny gland that is present at the base of the brain. FSH basically causes the ripening of the egg inside a follicle in the female body. Every month, a woman releases an egg from one of the 2 ovaries. These eggs are contained inside a fluid filled sac called the follicle. FSH or follicle stimulating hormone helps in the maturing of the egg inside the follicle.

LH or luteinizing hormone comes into play once the egg is mature inside the follicle. In one of the endless miracles of the human body, a surge of LH hormones causes the release of this egg from inside the ovary. Once the egg is released, the rest of the follicle starts secreting progesterone and some estrogens. This is a sort of preparatory behaviour for a possible pregnancy that may occur during each ovulation. FSH causes the maturing of the egg inside the follicle, while LH causes it to be released from the follicle.

A deficiency of FSH in the body is indicated when a woman has amenorrhea or a stopping of the monthly cycles. It also causes infertility in a couple. Low levels of FSH are also characterised by low LH levels also. In men, a deficiency of this hormone may be characterised by loss of facial hair, lack of interest in sexual activity, erectile dysfunction as well as infertility.

A deficiency of the LH hormone in women is usually indicated by a progesterone deficiency. These may be indicated by an abrupt weight gain, heavy menstruation, insomnia, irritability, indigestion and migraines. In men, it results in testosterone insufficiency and resulting complications.

Low levels of FSH and LH is treated with the help of low doses of the hormone estrogens and progesterone. This is of course if fertility is not an issue. A woman may also be put on low dose birth control pills. Men may also be given additional testosterone through injections or skin patches.


1. FSH causes maturing of the follicle in females. This follicle contains the egg. In males, it aids in spermatogenesis or the production of sperm. LH causes the release of the egg from the follicle.
2. FSH deficiency causes low levels of LH in the human body. It may also cause infertility and lack of monthly cycles in females. In men, it may cause infertility and sexual dysfunctions.
3. LH deficiencies may be indicated by low levels of progesterone in the female. This is indicated by excessive bleeding during cycles, irritability and insomnia. In males, it causes sexual disinterest and low sperm count because of a lack of testosterone.

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