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Nowadays, most business sectors require the expertise of a CA or a CGA to ensure business expansion and smooth business operations. However, many people are unaware of the exact differences between these services, and the employment goals they need to accomplish.

CGA stands for Certified General Accountant. The duties of a CGA include auditing, taxation, accounting and business consulting. This is a type of career that is in high demand. The aim of a Certified General Accountant program is to provide practical tools for the success of ambitious individuals in the field of Accountancy. These practical tools will ensure that the ‘accountant in training’ will be able to handle all accounting related issues in a confident manner. An individual could even begin employment while he is still at university.

The career opportunity for a Certified General Accountant, could be an attractive option, as you may be able to earn a good wage, while simultaneously completing your degree. A CGA has excellent technical skills, and their work often involves public practices. Career opportunities also exist with CA firms, or the accountant could be self-employed. The requirements for a CGA program is a degree in the field of Commerce. A CGA program is also often flexible, therefore, allowing time for studying, and other activities.

CA, on the other hand, stands for Chartered Accountant. A Chartered Accountant works in both the fields of business and finance, and may be involved in public practices. A CA could work in the private sector or could be employed by government authorities. Chartered Accountancy could be an excellent career choice, as there are limitless opportunities for advancement within the working environment. To qualify for a CA program, the individual should have at least three years of practical experience, and a license that has been approved by an authorized CA training office.

CA schools have provided an evaluation that ensures you are completing the necessary skills required, on the basis of CASB modules. The advantages of becoming a Chartered Accountant include the fact that it is a globally recognized profession, which is essential, and CA programs could offer a good wage when you are working in the field of accountancy. A CA qualified individual may look for paid work experience, which will provide versatility. Every CA program is based on the rules and parameters set by an approved CA training office, and this is to ensure that every CA is capable of meeting the profession’s rigorous standards.


1.CGA programs can be flexible, and they are capable of providing a good income.

2.A CGA is involved with accounting tasks, such as auditing, taxation and business consulting.

3.A CA is involved in both accounting and financial tasks.

4.The position of a CA could be flexible, and will provide prestige and global recognition.

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  1. This is a terrible explanation. Basically I have learned that they are both ‘flexible’ (?), can provide good income, and deal with accounting tasks. I’m no closer to understanding the true difference between the two. Waste of a page and people’s time.

  2. There is nothing a CA can do and a CGA can not.
    And speaking of global recognition CGAs are recognized in almost 200 countries through the ACCA mutual recognition. ACCA is the largest accounting body in the world and it only recognizes CGAs in Canada.

    New generation CGAs are much better trained than both CMAs and CAs, thats why it is the fastest growing accounting designation in Canada.

    CGAs have recently earned the right to audit in Ontario as well. CA monopoly is technically over and the number of CAs retiring is more than the number of new CAs. This spells disaster for CAs.
    They think there is a premium for being a CA, they are only fooling themselves. From what I have seen CGAs are better trained and they have more hands on experience….

  3. CMA= Internal Reporting (once you are in the program very easy)
    CA= External Reporting (Moderate)
    CGA= Both (Hard and becoming harder every year)

    Remember that only CGAs and CAs can audit coast to coast in Canada.
    CGA is the most internationally recognized designation in Canada.

    CGA program is very rigorous and it is becoming harder every year. Only 1 out of 4 students can complete the program.

    All 3 designations require at least one university degree to become certified.

  4. hi i am from italy and this time in china for 1 year..i want to start my further study in china and here is two options for me first is (ACCA) and 2nd is (CGA)..please anyone tell me which is betther for me..thanks

    • Assalam o alaikum

      I think u should go for AccA reasons r below
      -largest growing body in world.
      -acca and cga has MRA means mutual recognition if u r acca member u can be cga by giving only two papers tax and law.
      -You can get bsc in applied accounting after clearing F level of acca.
      -global recognition
      hope u find it help full.

  5. This is some what of a good comparison. The main difference is in all honesty, the CA designation is harder to achieve than the CGA designation. Most CA’s who fail, go down to CGA level and pass the exam in the first attempt.

    You can go to College and write the 4 CGA exams.

    You must go to University, complete approximately 3 years of training (including 1250 hours in auditing working for a recognized CA firm as well as 1250 hours of non assurance, as well as 100 taxation hours, all with a recognized CA firm).

    There is a distinct difference between CA’s and CGA’s. Ask any University professor which profession will lead to higher paying jobs, and more demand.

    Some compare the CA and CGA designation as a doctor and nurse in the medical field.

    Go compare the average CA salary vs. average CGA salary and you will also notice a difference.

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