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The Auto pistol should not be confused with the ACP as it is quite different both in terms of performance as well as other technical aspects. Auto means automatic and there are namely two categories under this-machine automatic pistol and semi automatic pistol.

There is a lot of difference between an ACP and an Auto pistol. The ACP’s full form is the Automatic Colt Pistol. It has been used at one time by the US army veterans. This fact has given it quite a favorable reputation. There is one model called the .45 ACP that is notorious for inflicting uniquely placed often inaccessible wounds. Another fact that makes the ACP a much coveted weapon is that it offers sure-shot infiltration of the intended victim’s body. This is because the bullets that are used in this model have a relatively larger size than other normal-sized ones. A Machine Auto pistol on the other hand is a pistol that is built on the lines of a hand gun. It loads by itself and can become fully automatic when required by the user. There are in-built chambers that are meant for cartridges. This weapon is quite compact and can easily fit into the average pocket. This makes it a preferred weapon for SWAT teams or personnel who take part in rescuing hostages on a regular basis as these are situations where it is imperative for the weapon to be kept hidden from sight. Special Forces who have to perform specific, highly complicated functions also use this weapon.

The ACP is quite different from the Auto pistol. The ACP is quite a secure investment. It is famous for being precise to the highest degree especially when used on humans. It is a great option for combative purposes in situations that require quick skill and dexterity. There is the added advantage of this weapon in that it does not have much sound. It is fitted with an effective silencer that suppresses noise really well. The amount of flash that is emitted is also quite low. There is a restrained amount of recoil too. The highest amount of chamber pressure is a hundred and forty five MPa which is a very reasonable amount when compared to other weapons in the same category. The depth of penetration of the bullets fired from the ACP range from eleven to twenty seven inches depending on the distance at which this pistol is fired and the accuracy of the shooter. The Auto is used in situations when the dueling persons are brought in close contact with each other. This smaller weapon is easier to handle and manipulate indoors and in cramped places. So, the main difference between the ACP and the Auto is largely that of size. The ACP tends to be larger than the Auto.


1. The purposes for which they can be brought in use also differ. The ACP is used mainly by military persons while the Auto is seen in places like rescue operations, secret missions, etc.

2. The diameter of the bullets that are used in the ACP is larger than that of those used in the Auto.

3. The Auto can even pierce armory or hard substances which the ACP cannot.

4. The ACP is perfectly suitable for outdoor use while the Auto is better suited to indoor situations.

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  1. “The ACP’s full form is the Automatic Colt Pistol.”

    This is the only part of the above article that is factually correct.

  2. So it seems the author doesn’t actually know what they’re talking about. .45acp is a cartridge, not a firearm. It was designed by John Browning, along with the .25acp, .32acp, and .380acp. it does actually mean automatic Colt pistol, so that’s correct, but not much else. Machine pistols are real, and are available in many calibers, including the .45acp. But this article is nonsense.

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