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Car buyers of the Honda line often wonder what car model they want to buy. Especially if they want to purchase the compact car type, there are practically dozens of cars from which to choose. However, with Honda, there are the so-called Jazz and the Fit labels. So what are the differences between the Honda Jazz and the Honda Fit compact cars?

Since 1982, Honda Japan used the name Honda Jazz for a variety of their manufactured products. One is the 1986 motorcycle model (scooter-type), which is still being manufactured, and is available for sale in the Canadian regions. The name Honda Jazz can also refer to the popular Honda City car. These cars, when marketed in specific areas of Europe, carry the Jazz name. Thirdly, Honda Jazz is also the alternate name given to the Honda Fit (a compact car model marketed in China and America). This alternate name refers to the same car type, but it is sold and distributed in some countries of Europe, as well as in the Middle East, Africa, India, and many parts around Asia. Hence, if one talks about the Honda compact car, then the Jazz and the Fit are basically the same, although their specifications mildly vary in some aspects, depending on the automotive laws governing the country’s market.

There are many new variations of the Honda Fit/Jazz compact cars. These 5-door cars differ in some aspects as determined by its model type. The engines, for example, will tell the difference between these cars. There are the 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5 L Fit/Jazz engine variations, with each one bearing some minor difference in other aspects. Therefore, if you compare a Jazz 1.4 with a Fit 1.3, there will surely be that minor dissimilarity, as opposed to comparing the Jazz 1.5 and Fit 1.5, which are practically the same.

For the sake of telling the common differences, it is best to examine the Jazz and the Fit that have different engine types. Let’s take the Jazz 1.4 and Fit 1.3 as examples. The Jazz has a signal indicator on its side, whereas the Fit doesn’t have any. There is also only one angle in the rear seats of the first, compared to the two angles of the latter. Based on the speedometer test, the Jazz was seen to have a higher speed limit of 220km per hour, while the Fit has a meager 180km per hour. It is also important to say that the Jazz is usually marketed with a three-year warranty, while the Fit is only for one year. Take note, these technical specifications sometimes vary with the place of distribution, and the car dealer’s policies.

1. Generally, Honda Jazz pertains to Honda’s compact car that is being marketed predominantly in Asia, whereas the Honda Fit pertains to the same compact car model that is being distributed in the Western regions, specifically in the U.S.

2. The Jazz version usually has a higher speed limit and a longer warranty, as opposed to the Fit.

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  1. Excellent explanation. Thanks.

  2. How about the door I passenger right side it just the same?

  3. May I ask what year was my Honda Fit manufactured and sold? I purchased this vehicle used in the Philippines as an surplus imported car. I could send you a picture of my VIN NUMBER if you reply to this message straight to my email
    Thanks so much
    Radu G

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