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cube-mathArithmetic vs Geometry

Man has always sought to understand his world. Sometimes he does this through stories. Other times he turns to religion. Then there are times when he needs to quantify, count, or otherwise definitively explain the world around him. In these instances he will turn to mathematics, and more specifically arithmetic and geometric functions.

Definition of Arithmetic and Geometry
Arithmetic ‘“ is the most elementary division of mathematic. It involved computation with numbers.
Geometric ‘“ refers to the branch of mathematics that describes the properties of bodies in space. This can refer to points, planes, lines, angles, and figures.

A Brief History of Arithmetic and Geometric Mathematics
Arithmetic ‘“ there is evidence of arithmetic being used by very early man. The Ishango bone of central Africa is nearly 22,000 years old and shows evidence that pre-historic man knew the basics of addition and subtraction. Later, Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Indian all developed systems of arithmetic. The Indian system with its eventual Arabic numerals prevailed because it incorporates the concept of zero and place value.
Geometric ‘“ evidence of the early use of geometric ideas is seen in societies that needed to do a lot of large-scale building: the Indus Valley, the Egyptians, and the Mesopotamians. Almost 3,000 years later, Euclid codified all these forms of early geometry in nine different volumes. Arabs kept the geometric tradition alive during the Dark Ages, and it was reintroduced to Europe during the Renaissance. There is was expanded upon and led to the develop of calculus.

Uses of Arithmetic and Geometry
Arithmetic ‘“ is the basis of all other math. It is essentially adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. It also refers to the upper level concept of number theory, which is the study of the property of integers. Arithmetic is used in geometry, algebra, and calculus as well as everyday functions such as balancing a check book, figuring out the tip at a restaurant, budget planning, expanding recipes, and much, much more.
Geometric ‘“ governs the principles behind figures and lines. It figures heavily in architecture and construction. It is also used for navigation and surveying. As aforementioned, geometric principles led to the development of calculus.

Examples of Arithmetic and Geometric Equations
Arithmetic ‘“ 2+2=4, 5-3=2, 1009×36=36,324, 144÷12=12
Geometric ‘“ What is the area of a circle? Plot the following coordinates on a plane. Find the sine and cosine of this line.

1.Arithmetic and geometric mathematics help man quantitatively explain his world.
2.Arithmetic deal with the simple manipulation of numbers whereas geometric mathematics describes figures, lines, and planes.
3.Arithmetic is the foundation of all other math and is used extensively in our daily lives, and while geometric mathematics is also widely used in construction, it is not as pervasive.

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