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  1. Keone Palmer
    March 26, 2018

    I have only one sexual partner(my gf) and have only have had one previous to my current one. There’s been a year gap between the two relationships. I’m confident my gf only has me as a sexual partner. I have wart like growths on my penis shaft. Are there home remedies I could try before going to see a doctor?


  2. Sha Black
    October 28, 2018

    Keone Palmer,
    I’m a Rn & its best to have your doctor check u out.


  3. Anon
    May 19, 2019

    Hello, I actually had intercourse with someone on the 16th of may (yes, a one night stand, not a smart idea) and yesterday I noticed some boils inside my vaginal cavity, one is very long, as if there was a worm under my skin. The other is right next to it and it’s round. They hurt when I walk and burn when I pee. I have vaginal and anal secretion. I’m already at the ER and getting tested for Clamydia and Gonorrhea, though I want to know what I need to do if I come out positive. If I’m negative, what other STD’s could I test for which I fit the description for? Thank you in advanced!


  4. John
    August 22, 2020

    I have small white few bumps on my pubic area right before the start of my penis and it itches anyone know what it could be?


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