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Zeno vs Zeno Hot Spot

Zeno Corporation
Zeno Corporation is a company which has developed many products which use heat as a treating factor for blemishes and wrinkles. It has developed and produced some of the most effective, over-the-counter, and easy-to-use devices and products. Zeno devices basically use heat for skincare.

Zeno Corporation has also developed other devices and products which help prevent acne, like the Zeno Heat Treat Blemish Prevention Kit. This product comes with a cream and a device which work together to heat the blemish and gently massage the cream into the skin to prevent the outbreak of acne in the future.
They have also introduced an anti-wrinkle product called Line Rewind which uses vibrations, heat, and red light technology to prevent and treat wrinkles and fine lines.

The Zeno products are painless. The skin redness after the treatment clears in 30 minutes. The devices and creams are chemical free; they do not dry the skin as many other acne creams do. They are very easily available online, in food and drug stores, and they are over-the-counter products thus you do not need a prescription.

Zeno is a device which is run on a battery and is fitted with a head attachment that heats up. The heat is pre-set. The device is fitted with a PID controller chip which modulates and controls the temperature making it suitable for all skin types.

Zeno Hot Spot
Zeno Hot Spot is a hand-held, portable device which helps in the treatment and elimination of individual acne. It uses the company’s patented ClearPoint technology. It is used to fight the occasional outbreak. The Zeno Hot Spot claims to be effective in 24 hours, and it is said that the blemish flattens out only after the first treatment. Ninety per cent of the acne is reduced in a day’s time.

The Zeno Hot Spot uses localized heat to kill the acne-causing bacteria under the skin. It is a natural way of fighting acne bacteria and is FDA approved. The dermatologists have started recommending this product often to fight the occasional acne. It does not dry the skin; it is chemical free, and does not take too long in treating the blemish. It also does not have any side effects as many creams and oral medications.

Zeno Hot Spot is recommended for people with mild inflammatory acne, it is not used on blackheads and whiteheads. It is not effective for people who have a severe acne problem or “cystic acne.” One should invest in it only after identifying the type of acne one is suffering from. The heat it produces can cause redness on the skin, but it starts clearing after about 30 minutes.

1.Zeno refers to the general device which uses heat to treat acne; it also refers to Zeno Corporation which has developed Zeno devices, and it also refers to Zeno treatment, that is, the thermal treatments for acne and wrinkles. 2.Zeno Hot spot refers to a particular device which has been developed for eliminating mild to moderate blemishes in 24 hours using the Zeno treatment.

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