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Difference Between Veins and Capillaries

Veins vs Capillaries

Our body system is very complex. When the Divine Being created us, he must have created us with great complexity and difficulty. For God so loved us that he made us look like him according to the Bible. Our body is complex because of the many parts and function that is has unlike the plants and the other simple organisms.

We cannot answer these questions and as humans we should be thankful that we were created and we are here for a purpose. Probably our veins and capillaries are the one of the most interesting parts of our body because of its function and role in our body.

Veins and capillaries are blood vessels. When we say vessels, and when we imagine vessels, these things can carry or contain something. Thus blood vessels are structures which contain blood.

Veins carry deoxygenated blood. It carries it back to the heart. The arteries have bigger walls than the veins. Veins also contain three layers. Veins also contain valves. These valves function to let the flow of the blood flow forward than backward. The tiniest veins are called venues just for a nice to know information. 75% of the blood are contained in the vein at any point in time. There are no pulses can be heard in the veins unlike in the arteries. Thus, pulse cannot be felt.
The smallest blood vessel inside our bodies is the capillary. Unlike the vein, the capillary is made up of a single layer of structure called endothelial cells. The function of endothelial cells is for substances such as water can pass through it. Capillaries serve as a connector between the vein and artery too. It does not contain any valve as well unlike the artery. Since capillary is the smallest , it only holds 5% of the blood. A pulse cannot be felt our capillaries.
These blood vessels must be taken care of carefully by not smoking and drinking too much alcohol. We should also monitor ourselves regarding hypertension because once these veins explode or be blocked, we are at risk of instant dying. Thus, we must change our lifestyle.


1.Vein is a larger blood vessel compared to capillary.
2.Capillary can hold only 5% of the blood while the artery can hold up to 75% of blood at any time.
3.Veins contain valves to prevent the backflow of blood unlike the capillary.
4.Capillaries contain a single layer of wall while veins contain three layers of cell wall.
5.Veins carry deoxygenated blood while capillaries serve as a connector between the artery and the vein.

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